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How to ‘unstick’ yourself or others around you if you are feeling stuck!

A lot of people appear to be ‘stuck’ and are demotivated and inactive, so I thought I would share how to help you stay motivated and active by changing the energy around you and the people around you. The past year has been exhausting and frightening for many and is has left a lot of people with mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. The young and old are affected and all will be showing different signs of being stuck. Your thoughts are just energy though, so by changing them and releasing the energy from yourself, you can get unstuck easily. It is just about learning how……

Natural ways to become unstuck

  1. Declutter the space you and your familiy is living in. Get everyone involved if possible. Do little bits of decluttering on a regular basis. Ask yourself when decluttering, do you really love the items? Everything you look at should bring you all joy. If it doesn’t, dispose of things by recycling, throwing away or giving to charity. Even look at photos/pictures. Sometimes the photos and pictures up are not what you really love now, so you are looking at things you are tolerating rather than loving. It is time for fresh energy. Let go to allow new energy to come in and to get unstuck. For more advice about decluttering go to:
  2. Clean your property really well (plus your car) or employ someone to do it properly. When someone is feeling ill, often cleaning is the thing that gets left behind and a place can often feel unloved. It then feels overwhelming to restart the activity. Add some sparkle and change the energy. If it is a massive job, do it bit by bit or pay for someone to help you.
  3. Painting a room really changes the energy of it. Fill in cracks/holes and make the room feel lovely again. Painting where you spend most time e.g. bedroom/living room can really energise you. Make sure you chose colours that you love and which are conducive to sleep if it is a bedroom as some colours can subconsciously stimulate you.
  4. Go around your house and start fixing things whether that be a flickering lamp, dripping tap, hoover that stopped working ages ago, etc. If it isn’t fixable and it is not worth getting someone to fix it, throw it out. Book a tip slot now so that you can actually dispose of the unwanted goods. If you don’t have the funds to fix things, ask around to see if anyone could help you.
  5. Make the garden look lovely by cutting the grass, cutting back hedges, putting plants into pots, etc. Again fix, declutter and paint. Be ruthless but remember to seek permission from others around you if the items aren’t yours. Ideally do this activity with your family so that it is a team effort!
  6. Always talk to others around you in a loving way – directly to them and when you are chatting away in your head!! If you influence and speak in love, you are more likely to have others around you who will support the changes you are trying to make. It is amazing the shift of energy when you start changing your perception and thoughts!
  7. Remember to see all around you as your equal. Give others your respect and also respect yourself when you are communicating with them. If you don’t feel valued, explain why in a kind way to the person you believe is not valuing you. Sometimes people actually don’t realise that they have offended you or can’t see the changes you have made as they just don’t notice a cluttered to uncluttered, clean room for example. If you are having challenges with others around you not wanting change, remember that person is also your mirror. If you are seeing behaviour or feeling emotions e.g. stubbornness, anger, etc in them, this is an aspect of yourself you are seeing. Start changing you and your reactions and expectations and see how others will start changing too.
  8. Empower others through your actions and your words. Be careful not to do too much for other people who appear depressed e.g. elderly parents, sad children, etc. Encourage them to do more than they say they can do. Motivate them by finding them activities which give them hope and inspire them to help others e.g. writing a book, collating memories, teaching others, passing on wisdom in some way or doing something for charity. When you are depressed (they are likely to be if they have any chronic health issue), they will be focused around their own needs and be self absorbed. Open up their world to see other things. Be careful not to sabotage their progress even if it is slow. Patience at all times is needed.
  9. Place healing house plants around the home such as peace lily, money trees, aloe vera, etc. Learn more at
  10. Use crystals around the room to change the energy and to aid healing your loved ones. To learn more about which crystals to chose, you may like to have a chat with my friend Marie
  11. Open the windows in each room of your house every day to allow the air to flow. It doesn’t have to be for long, but it will shift the energy and any stale smells, etc.
  12. Change the bed linen regularly (at least once a week) and chose a set which you love rather than one that you have tolerated for years as it was a wedding present which you didn’t really like, but thought it was rude to give away! When you sleep, your subconscious is working and sleep is a great healer. Negative thoughts when they sleep will land on their pillow, so it is always good to keep pillows freshly laundered. You might even like to get a Reiki pillow to have an even deeper sleep.
  13. Ask your loved one who is stuck (if its not you), what is it that they are fearful of or that is making them angry? Help to find them a solution. Listen to them and then take action to fix the issues to help them get back in the game of living once more.
  14. Ask a Reiki Master ‘cleanse’ your house. They can work though your house, cleansing the energy and shifting any negative energy that they encounter.
  15. Consider having regular Reiki sessions or to listen to meditations to calm you (or your loved ones) and to release anxiety. Remember I can help you with this if it is needed. Email me if you want to try it out at
  16. Train yourself in the Balance Procedure. As you shift your energy, others around you will shift their energy too. Use the Balance Procedure to create your life by shifting negative emotions, thoughts and behaviours. By using the Balance Procedure regularly, you will train your mind to live in the present and to get your energy to be in flow again rather than being stuck. If you are worried about others in your family – elderly parents, children or animals, then you can use the Balance Procedure on them too to improve their health and wellbeing. If you want to know more about what this is, then take a look at this link

I hope my tips help. Little by little, you will make a difference and just notice how your stress levels come down too. Be for you know it you will be unstuck and moving forward once again.

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