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Resources for Are you worth it?

If you have loved the book and you want to try out the resources, then here they are. I would appreciate reviews about my book left on Amazon and feedback via email  Thank you in advance. The Healing Tree meditation is coming soon.  Technical difficulties!!

JournalAre you worth it Journal

Are you sabotaging the profits in your business checklist? Are you sabotaging the profits in your business checklist

The Love Game Get your copy of the Love Game clicking here

The Are You Worth It Checklist  Get your copy of the Are You Worth It checklist by clicking here

Morning Ritual, Affirmations and Gratitudes Get your copy of Morning ritual, affirmations and gratitudes here

Money Habit Tracker Template Get your Money Habit Tracker here

Video of Heart and Soul Protocol (Emotional Freedom Technique tutorial)  Click here to view the video

Money Mindset Hypnosis

Healing Tree Meditation







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  1. Claire

    Fantastic meditation, I am in the process of reading the book (Are You Worth It) and have already had success in implementing the suggestions you give. I have just taken the time to listen to the Healing Tree mediation and can see that with regular use it will support with personal development to enhance my business. Thankyou Liz x

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