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Mindfulness Meditation

Enjoy learning mindfulness meditation and techniques to discover the inner you and to learn why it is so important to your health that you become self aware. Your mind is very powerful and you can change how you react to life, stress and anxiety by taking time out to stop ‘doing’ and start ‘being’. You are a human being after all.  If you feel that life has sped up or you never have any time, then learning meditation is perfect for you.

Mindfulness Meditation Course Online and in Kent

Is life getting you down? You might be recovering from ill health, multiple bereavements, divorce/separation and other stuff which just keeps coming your way. You may be feeling stressed, anxious, depressed or overwhelmed and not be able to see a way forward for you? If yes, then learning Mindfulness Meditation may well be the answer to helping your on your journey of recovery and to have a happier and more fulfilled life.

Attend if you want:

  • To learn mindfulness meditation techniques to quieten the mind and to let the stress go
  • To become more self aware and empowered
  • To transform your thinking to being more positive
  • To be empowered into taking control of your life
  • To learn new relaxation skills and techniques
  • To improve your mental, spiritual and physical health
  • To have more fun and to connect with your spiritual side

The courses are run over an 8 week period, 2 hours per week  £250 per person 

Due to Covid19 restrictions, only training on a 1-1 basis is on offer for the in person course until 21st June 2021.  Courses are run in Canterbury, Kent or can be run in your own home (additional expenses would be incurred for this option)

A copy of my book Are you worth it? A Spiritual Guide to Managing Your Money Mindset is included in the course cost.

Book on by emailing me at Payment plans are available.

Testimonials from happy students

“I started my mindfulness journey as a complete novice. I was looking to find a way to balance my thoughts between a busy work schedule and a young family. I can honestly say that I learnt so much more than I anticipated and would highly recommend Liz as an exceptional educator and wonderfully warm person.” Ryan Church

“Was a fantastic course. Learnt so much, thanks Liz Almond. Highly recommended.” Hannah King

“I have attended Liz Almond’s course and feel much more able to cope with the obstacles life throws at us.  Liz is a brilliant teacher, explaining the means of meditation and other practices with great clarity and empathy.   I would recommend her course to anyone looking for a means of dealing with the stresses of daily life and finding courage and joy in life again.”  Helen Barton

“Liz is great.  A very knowledgeable guide who will challenge your approach to life and teach you how to learn to value yourself.” Francis Weaver

If you still have questions, email Liz at or ring 07815 904848.

For more information about meditating, you may like to read my blog post here.

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