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Do you have a room of doom? Is it time to declutter and clean?

Do you have a room of doom? Is it time to declutter and clean?

For those of you who know me well, you will know that I actively get my clients to ‘declutter and clean’ as part of the process of working with me on their mindset.  Why do I do this? Well the clutter in your house, office, car and garden is representative of your energy field and your mind.  If you are unwell, unhappy or in debt – your house, office, car and garden will be showing the signs of wear and tear.  There will be rooms which need painting, broken items, unfinished projects, pots which need planting and lots and lots of clutter and ‘stuff’ which is not needed.  All these  jobs, subconsciously ‘annoy’ us and can anchor us to negativity.  Your most cluttered room, your ‘room of doom’, is the room you need to tackle first to allow the energy to flow.  This may well be your health or wealth zone according to Feng Shui. The best time to declutter and clean is leading up to a new moon and full moon. The next full moon is 23rd March 2016.

 A motivated client's house after one session with me - clearing her room of doom!

A motivated client’s house after one session with me – clearing her room of doom!

So why declutter and clean?

For example, your husband might have been promising for ages to hang a door in your living room.  You have the spare door waiting by the side of it, in readiness.  Every day, you hope that your husband ‘will take action’, but sadly the days and months pass and nothing happens.  Every time you look at the door to be hung, you remember that your husband has not done what he said he would do, and you start to feel angry and not trust him for what he said he would do.  The door then becomes a ‘bone of contention’ between you as a couple, and you start to ‘nag’ your husband and drop heavy hints. After a hard day’s work, your husband doesn’t like being told what to do.  He become stubborn and angry too.  The more you ‘nag’, the more he digs his heels in. The door is now ‘negative energy’ for both parties.  It is time to recognise what is anchoring you to negativity and to change your response.  In your mind, forgive your husband for not hanging the door until now (or whatever he has not done) and see the blessings in disguise e.g. he has spent more time playing with your kids which would have been spent doing DIY otherwise.  If you need a technique to be able to do this effectively, there is one in my book in the Forgive to Forget chapter.

You are in debt and you want to work with me, but that will add to the debt

When a new client has a discovery call with me, I’m not always aware that they are in debt unless they confess there and then. Often it is when we are working that the true extent of their debts become apparent. The problem has got out of hand and it then feels awful trying to face what now feels like a huge problem.  When I was in debt, I felt so embarrassed and ashamed.  For those of you who have read my book, ‘Are you worth it? A Spiritual Guide to Managing Your Money Mindset for Business Owners’, you will know I almost took my own life as I just couldn’t see a way out of paying things off and getting my debt under control.  My husband had left me, at it was up to me to sort things out alone.

If someone wants to work with me and they are in debt, I will firstly direct them to all the free resources I have on my website under Freebies and within my Facebook group ‘The Money Mindset Academy’ as you need to do your best not to spend even more money that you don’t have. There is also my new download which may help them too if they are business owners.  They may well need my help though (some people are suicidal like I was), so if they are desperate to work with me (sometimes people are procrastinating/sabotaging so badly that they need help), I tell them read my book, to declutter each room and to clean it and then focus on their offices, cars and gardens.  Without exception, the money shows up for them to work with me, and they haven’t added to the debt which is what my aim is.  So, my question to you is, which room are you going to declutter first?

If you would like to have a discovery call with me, to see how I can help you stop sabotaging your health, wealth and happiness, then contact me at  More information about my book ‘Are you worth it? A Spiritual Guide To Managing Your Money Mindset for Business Owners and how to order it, can be found at:

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