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How to get from being Stuck to Unstuck

At this time of year, everyone is talking about new years resolutions and setting your goals, and you may be thinking, ‘I just can’t be bothered’ as you are feeling stuck, demotivated and unfulfilled. In fact everyone talking about ‘new year, new year’ can be down right annoying! You may have had a really challenging 2019 and the thought that years to come will be better are hard to envisage.

Are you stuck? Then you have to change your thinking and let go of the emotional baggage which is weighing you down
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The attributes of a ‘Stuck’ person generally are:

  • A lack of love for one self
  • Feeling unfulfilled and frustrated
  • In emotional and/or physical pain
  • Ill health is affecting your confidence
  • Suffering from anxiety and depression
  • Lacking energy
  • Seeking clarity about direction in life and life purpose
  • Recovering from a tough few years having been hit by trauma such as redundancy, relationship breakdown and bereavement
  • Judgmental of others and blaming them and yourself for the past
  • Someone who is stubbornly trying to stay in the past and is fearful of change
  • Feeling over sensitive and over emotional about things/places/objects – foods (gluten/dairy free), sounds, situations, colours, etc

What you need is practical advice about how to get ‘unstuck’ and motivated. Like the image above suggests, you need to change your thinking, behaviours and actions.

Ideas of how to get ‘unstuck’

  • Change your thinking and be less black and white. Be flexible and see multiple options of how your life can be in the future. Yes, it might be feeling yuk at the mo but remember one step at a time, you will feel better. Your thoughts create your emotions not the other way around!
  • Have a reality check and spend some time on your own and think about what would really make you happy. Meditate and journal to get a clearer picture of what you need to change
  • Create a vision for how you would like your life to be and write a plan on paper about how you could achieve it (be careful not to be critical about how you will achieve it.) Be open to achieving it. Create a vision board to motivate your self.
  • Detox relationships in your life – friends, family, work colleagues as their negativity can be dragging you down
  • Slow down and start meditating. Practice being more mindful. Notice more around you such as the rain falling, plants growing, etc
  • Switch off from social media and anything else which might be negatively stimulating you
  • Get cleaning and declutter your home, office and car
  • Get into a good morning and evening routine e.g. meditating, drinking more water, reading personal development books, visualising, journaling. Self love/self care is a priority
  • Stop thinking so much about yourself negatively and find other people to help who are being challenged more than you are. This will help you appreciate how well you are doing
  • Consider working with a therapist to release the emotional baggage you are carrying and learn techniques to release emotions and to change your behaviour to negative issues from your past (I can help!)

From January 2020, I shall only be offering 1 day breakthrough days/VIP intensives as my clients are always too busy to make time for themselves and they always spend their money on other things which then costs them more money in the long run.  I want to change this repetitive theme!!

The day with me can be to shift emotional baggage, detox, to learn how to relax more, to stop overthinking and procrastinating as well as to helping you to shift your behaviour and to gain more clarity and direction about your life purpose.  You can opt to just work on business though or have a combined approach.

Good news – These days are half price until the end of January 2020.  £600 instead of £1200.  Pre session homework as well as the day with me 10am-7pm plus a 2 hour review of your life history, a energy balancing session and 30 minute follow on call to keep you accountable to the action plan set. 

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