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The Seven Steps to regaining your Balance

The Seven Steps to regaining your Balance

We all dream about having a calm and balanced life don’t we, but in reality life is anything but that due to events which take place in our lives such as bereavements, ill health, redundancy, separation/divorce, house move, financial difficulties and more. Life can feel like we are on an emotional rollercoaster and life can feel overwhelming.

The more our emotions get out of control negatively, the more likely we are to spiral into depression, anxiety and ill health. Depression is just repressed emotions though and you need to find a way to deal with the emotions you are feeling and to let them go so that you may live in the present. By doing so, you will feel much better and you will have much more peace of mind and good health.

How balanced are you emotionally?

According to the science presented at, your heart is far more powerful than your brain. You should always follow your passion and be heart centred in all that you do. The heart (Thymus) is incredibly powerful and will help you set intentions to gain what you desire in life. You may like to watch this great video from Heart Math about the heart’s intuitive energy.

There are Seven Steps to gaining balance within your heart so that you have inner peace, happiness and health. These are:

B eliefs

A ttitude

L anguage

A uthenticity

N ature

C larity

E nergy

Let’s explore these further. First of all, you need to understand that your mind creates everything in your world and therefore whatever pictures you visualise/good and bad will become your life. This is because you create your own reality, so everything you experience is a choice. The more you visualise negative experiences e.g. thinking (seeing/hearing/feeling) that your car is going to break down, the more likely it is going to happen. This is how the law of attraction works and as a Universal law is very emotionally driven too.

To understand further about what needs to be balanced, it is worth drawing your attention to a very basic coaching model – The Wheel of Life. I get all my clients to fill one in when we first work together, so that I can see their progress as they become more empowered and happy. They can also see for themselves factually what is changing by working with me. By assessing out of 10, your happiness (10 being high, 0 being low, you will have a good idea of what areas of your life you need to focus on. If you learn the Balance Procedure, you would then use this on what you need to change as it will help you shift the emotions

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To regain your balance you need to dive deeper into yourself to become much more self aware. This is why you need to look very carefully at your beliefs, attitude, language (self talk and what you say to others), authenticity (are you being the real you?), nature (are you connecting properly with nature?), clarity (are you clear about what you want in life and why?) and energy (are you feeling really exhausted and tired, or is your energy buzzing and excited about life and how you are using your energy?)

Perception is projection. Whatever you are thinking in your mind about yourself and others is being projected out of you to create your reality.


It is essential that you question ALL of your beliefs and assess if you are being judgmental about others in any way. Your beliefs create your TRUTH. What you believe to be true about life and others who interact with you. Often it is your negative beliefs (your limiting beliefs) which are creating the negative experiences in your life. You also need to have an awareness that some of your beliefs which you believe to be positive are actually negative and be prepared to change these too.

For example, you may believe that it is ok not to love everyone in the world and just to tolerate them. Not loving everyone and looking out through loving eyes at everyone, means that you are feeling a negative emotion and making a judgement about another and are projecting this outside of you often unconsciously.

We have all sorts of limiting beliefs – ‘I’m too busy’, ‘I don’t have enough time’, ‘I’m not rich enough’, ‘no pain, no gain’, ‘I’m not worthy of deserving of success’, etc. Imposter Syndrome and procrastination will be showing up your limiting beliefs.


As discussed in my book Are you worth it? a spiritual guide to managing your money mindset, you need to always cultivate an attitude of gratitude, success and positivity in life. This will help you attract more positive experiences in life to you and help you deal with the less positive times. There are hidden blessings in every moment we experience. If you don’t work towards having an attitude of gratitude, success and positivity, then you will be experiencing a negative emotion which sits behind why you can’t have a good attitude to life and those around you. Often a limiting belief or two will be lurking as well which will affect how you are feeling and how balanced you are mentally.


Your own personal self talk is 300 words per minute and whether you realise it or not, you have up to 120000 thoughts a day – some we are conscious of and lots more which we are unconscious of. The language you have in your mind links to your Identity, your self worth and your values and beliefs which drive your behaviour and actions.

It is essential that you start ‘listening’ to yourself more and start reprogramming anything which you perceive to feel negative or which seem to be taking you down a route of keeping you stuck and procrastinating rather than you heading for success. By becoming self aware, you can identify how you have blocked your own success and get into alignment with the true you. Positive words within, create a positive world around you. Inner peace within, will gain you outer peace too and more balance.

It is also worth mentioning about positive language about others too. The more negative things you say about another (you are being judgemental), the more this negativity rebounds back to you through the Law of Attraction as perception is projection. It is often your shadow side showing through.


Being authentic and true to yourself and your desires is a must if you want to stay balanced, happy and healthy. So often we have followed the path of other people’s happiness to keep them happy e.g. parents, which goes against what you really want to do. When we aren’t the real us and hold back who we are, we often start harbouring negative emotions such as fear, anger, resentment, sadness, etc which are toxic to our health and wellbeing and which affect our balance as these emotions ‘grow’ in your body and mind.

Be the true you, to have the best balanced life. Sometimes you have to dig deep to find out who you are and what you want to find this. This can also show up in how you dress, how you behave and how you speak. I know that years ago when I was a teacher trainer, I wouldn’t share my knowledge about spiritual stuff as I felt it was a bit weird and didn’t want to be judged. I also used to dress very differently between when I was at home and when I was at work. I was a much more relaxed person at home and a very stressed teacher/manager at work. I wasn’t being the true me and worried about what others thought of me. If you need further clarity about how to find your authentic self, this is something I can help you with –


You will always feel more balanced when you are in nature or using something more natural on yourself e.g. holistic therapies or natural creams/potions. Being in a build up area will affect your energy and you may not see as much light which can affect your mood. Do your best to expose yourself to nature regularly. Every day if possible, even if it is looking at a house plant whilst living in central London and always use non processed, natural beauty and healthcare products as these will be higher vibrational for you which will keep your energy and wellbeing at a better level.


Often in life, we can be confused. Things don’t work out and we can’t workout the direction we should be going in. The more we have confused thoughts, the unclear message we are giving to the Universe about what we desire and need. This therefore unbalances our energy and we feel out of kilter. Do the inner work on yourself to work out who you want to be and what you desire and then clear any limiting beliefs and negative emotions that might be getting in the way of manifesting your dreams. You will feel so much better when you are clear about your desires and dreams and how you want to achieve them.


Negative emotions and limiting beliefs all affect your energy and your vibration. If the vibration of your energy isn’t positive and light, you may feel more depressed and anxious. By realising what you need to change, you will have A-ha moments and will more easily be able to change habits and behaviours such as over eating, drinking, smoking, gambling, shopping to feel better and to replace what you don’t have, etc.

Eating healthily (think 5 fruit and veg a day) as well as staying hydrated (8 glasses of water a day) and avoiding overly processed food, alcohol and prescription drugs, will all help you to maintain your energy and to feel more energised. Always put your happiness first as this will give you more energy and zest for life. Remember, emotion stands for Energy in Motion (e-motion). Energy is supposed to be moving the whole time and should not be stuck and in one place. Going with the flow is essential.

If you are a very emotional person or you are in a carer/health professional (paid or unpaid), you may consider learning the Balance Procedure, which is a non verbal energy tool which is like having a wellbeing tool in your pocket like yoga, Reflexology or Reiki. It consists of a set of balance cards which you use on your subconscious mind and energy to help you release negative emotions and beliefs, to realise your potential and to improve your health and wellbeing. They help you move into being ‘at ease’ with yourself rather than ‘dis-ease.’ They are quick and simple to use and can be used on yourself as well as children, and animals.

To learn more about purchasing the Balance Procedure training and cards, contact Training is taking place on a weekly basis via Zoom globally.

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