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Be Happier Self Help e-course

Allow the Laughter to Return – Seven Steps to becoming happier e-course

Being a carer for an elderly parent or another loved one can be exhausting and very stressful.  There are techniques though that you can learn so that you recognise that you are stressed and make a change so that you de-stress. The sooner you let go of the trauma, the quicker you can restore balance and harmony to your life which makes it much easier to care for another.

You may have already seen your doctor because you are anxious and feeling depressed, only to be told it is at least a three month wait for therapy.  You may be feeling terrible and need help.  You may not have the funds to work with a therapist and this is where this course comes in. The Be Happier Therapy e-course is designed to help you feel better, teach you some techniques for you to use so that you feel more empowered and to prepare you in readiness for working with a therapist or investing in therapy training yourself.

With this course, you can stop and start it as often as you like and at whatever time you like.  Apply the techniques and create a better life for yourself right now and when you are no longer in your carer role.

If after completing the course, you feel ready to learn more about yourself, just get in touch with Liz at and she will support you with this.

The Be Happier Self Help e-course – Allow the Laughter to Return – Seven Steps to Becoming Happier has deliberately been designed at a low cost price to help as many people as possible who are suffering with mental health and physical health issues.  It worth £75.  

The Seven Modules in the E-course are:

HAPPIER stands for:

H   appiness - How do you feel currently? Are you happy?

A  pply self care and self love.  Are you looking after yourself?

P   rioritise yourself and your happiness now.

P   lan a way out - what do you need to gain peace of mind and take back control?

I   nvolve others - who can help you with your recovery so that you have support?

E  ntertain new ideas to getting better - be open minded

R  eap the rewards by loving yourself and allowing the laughter to return

The e-course is designed to help anyone who is struggling to be happy, to learn tools and techniques to work towards becoming happier with their life.  It will support anyone who is experiencing anxiety, depression, PTSD and other mental health issues.  Sadly anxiety, depression and stress rule our lives now and traditionally we haven't been taught the techniques to help us release the negative emotion that we are feeling, so that we can have the happy and healthy life that we desire.

The e-course will educate, empower and enlighten you, so that you can understand how you are feeling and make the changes you need to make to have a happier and more fulfilling life. The Seven Steps to becoming happier in the course spells HAPPIER.

For more information about the course, email Liz on