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Terms and Conditions for 1-1 Therapy/Coaching/Mentoring

1.  I have been advised by Liz Almond the scope of the therapies she provides and give my full consent to receiving therapy sessions from Liz Almond. I understand that results vary from person to person, and the agreement by Liz Almond to work on the issues or problems presented by me, using whatever model or models are appropriate to my situation, in no way implies or guarantees a ‘cure’ of the said issues or problems.

2.  I understand that Health and Wellbeing Coaching, or any other therapy provided by Liz Almond, is not a replacement for medical treatment, psychological or psychiatric services or the appropriate counselling. I also understand that Liz Almond does not treat, prescribe for, or diagnose any condition. I declare that, if advised prior to any session with Liz Almond to seek medical approval, I have consulted with my General Practitioner and/or Hospital Consultant and gained the appropriate medical approval for working with Liz Almond.

3.  I have been advised that I am free to terminate any or all sessions at any time. I have agreed to participate in each session to the best of my ability, and that contact between sessions will be strictly limited to telephone, email or letter.

4.  I have accurately and truthfully answered the questions on this Consent Form and provided background information as requested by Liz Almond.

5.  PLEASE NOTE: Given the nature and extent of the ongoing preparation required for a session or a package, once an agreed course of therapy/coaching is decided upon and you have made payment for it, all payments are non-refundable. In exceptional circumstances, other services may be substituted at Liz Almond’s sole discretion. Liz Almond has reserved your session for you and it is her policy to charge full fee for cancellations received with less than 48 hours notice, or non-attendance. Non-attendance of a fee-paying booked session without prior warning will result in a charge being made that is equal to the fee of the session. Such fees are charged at Liz Almond’s discretion, and I agree to pay fees incurred in those circumstances. If a session is postponed, a contract will have been entered into, and therefore no refund will be given.  However the postponed session can be re-arranged within a six-month period from the original booking date.

6.  I agree that reports requested by insurance companies, doctors, employers, courts, etc. will not be released without my written permission, and will incur a nominal fee of £20.00 to prepare and provide.

7.  I understand that any mp3 download or CD is provided for me at Liz Almond’s discretion. I agree that any such mp3 download or CD is for my personal use only and that it is not to be lent, copied or sold under any circumstances.

8.  I understand that home visits will be made by Liz Almond only in exceptional circumstances, and should I require a home visit I agree to pay an additional fee to cover Liz’s travel expenses.

9.  Confidentiality is paramount and will be maintained in all but the most exceptional circumstances. I agree that these can include: legal action (criminal or civil court cases where a court order is made demanding disclosure, including coroners’ courts); child abuse; if I am an imminent danger to myself or others; and where there is good cause to believe that not to disclose would cause danger of serious harm to others. Most standards of confidentiality applied in professional contexts are based on the Common Law concept of confidentiality where the duty to keep confidence is measured against the concept of ‘greater good’. The sharing of anonymous case histories with supervisors and peer-support groups is not a breach of professional confidentiality. The sharing of open case histories with supervisors and any referring NHS medical practitioner is also not a breach.

10.  Liz Almond must keep clear and comprehensive records of all treatments/consultations including dates and advice given. These records will be kept in safe custody for seven years from the date of the last consultation. You have the right to access these records if you wish.

11.  Please note that when the treatment/consultation has finished you may feel very relaxed and it is therefore recommended that you should stand up slowly from the treatment couch/chair and leave a short period of time before resuming a normal routine.

12.  Payment via Paypal may incur an additional fee as payment by BACS is preferred method.

Terms & Conditions for Training

1.  All payments must be made in advance of training held by Paypal, BACS or in cash by delegates to book a place on a course.

2.  All training will go ahead, provided it is viable to run the workshops i.e. costs are covered.  Cancellations will only be made should Liz Almond be unwell or if anything unforeseen happens to the venue.  Liz maintains the right to change the venue if not enough people sign up for training.  Where possible, all delegates will be given one working week’s notice of any cancellation.  If the cancellation is the fault of Liz Almond, a full refund will be given.  If snow affects the venue, then the training will be rescheduled to suit all delegates. No refunds will be given for those who decide to pull out because of the weather conditions.

3.  All delegates must give notice in writing if they are unable to attend.  There are costs involved in booking rooms, marketing the course, preparing resources, answering emails, etc which must be covered.  The following cancellation notice applies.

Calendar days notice before the start date of the course/workshop Refund applicable
29 calendar days or more Full refund minus a £25.00 administration fee
Between 15 and 28 calendar days (inclusive) 50% refund minus a £25.00 administration fee
Between 1 and 14 calendar days (inclusive) No refund will be given
Failure to attend Treated as late cancellation and no refund given

In the event of an individual named on the booking form cannot attend, we will accept substitution of another delegate on the condition that written notification of the substitution has been received by us prior to the course date and an administration fee of £25 has been paid.

Group Coaching Programme

  • All participants agree to attend all modules of the training.  If for any reason, they are unable to attend one or more modules, they are still liable for the full cost of the training.  Workbooks will be provided for each module so that home study can be carried out.
  • All deposits paid are non refundable.  The cancelation periods above apply.
  • Postponement of joining a group coaching programme, means that you can come on a future programme (same type/cost) and this programme must be used within 6 months of the original programme booked.  Any programme postponed means that you still intend to attend in the future and will not be subject to a refund in the future.



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