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The Balance Procedure is based on the research of Heart Math ( Your heart is more powerful than your mind and it is time to be using the intuitive intelligence of your heart to heal yourself from any pain and suffering and to have a much better quality of life. Take a look at this video and then go over to the main training page for the Balance Procedure to learn more about purchasing the book/cards, training and learn how to become an Energy Practitioner of the Balance Procedure.

To purchase the Balance Procedure Cards or to learn more about training in the Balance Procedure so that you may become an Energy Practitioner of the Balance Procedure, click on this link to find out more or email Liz at to find out more about this amazing tool. 

Thank you to Liz and The Balance Procedure. I found that I gained clarity, confidence and a relaxed approach to everything that I do. The delivery of the workshop, it’s value, the interesting content of the book and the cards. Within a week of starting the procedure, I was beginning to notice small changes. The workshop supported this and I feel that I definitely have clarity and a path in my personal life and business life. Worth every penny!

Cathy Winzer – Wellness Markets


If you would like to book Liz to run a talk for your organisation about the Balance Procedure and how it can be used as a mental health and wellbeing tool, contact Liz on and she will be in touch.