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Introduction to Neuro Linguistic Programming – “Work Smarter rather than Harder.”

This one day course is suitable for anyone looking to have their own business, those in business or employees within a business who are looking to achieve excellence in communication and fabulous results.  It is also suitable for those who are in a caring role who are looking to gain different results from their communication.

All enquiries about course dates email Liz at  

If you are fascinated about how the mind works and how to get more out of your own communication when working with your clients, friends and your network, then this is a course for you.  A day long course, teaching the basics of Neuro Linguistic Programming such as rapport, presuppositions and use of effective language and behaviour in life and the workplace.  You will learn practical techniques and will just have your appetite wetted as there is so much more to learn about NLP.

It’s mygreat pleasure to share these practical, useful and intelligent techniques with other like-minded people. People, like you, who are committed to doing worthwhile work that makes a difference and want to be rightfully recognised and rewarded for your valuable contribution.

  • The truth about where NLP came from and why it has been so controversial
  • The twelve essential thought-patterns for shifting your mindset when you find yourself drowning in other people’s negativity or you are struggling to get your view across. Usually, two or three of these will quickly become your favourites.
  • The little-known framework you use to STOP people dropping their problems on you and get them taking ownership of their own solutions:
  • The secret of getting in the right frame of mind to deal with any task. Whether it’s the confidence to do your pitch or the focus to create a new strategy, you’ll have it at your fingertips.

This programme is for you if:

  • You’re curious about how NLP helps you in your professional and personal life.
  • You know something about NLP but haven’t yet experienced it in action
  • You want to get more control over your feelings
  • You’re FASCINATED by your mind and how it works.  This programme gives you insight and confidence to make the most of your mind.
  • You just aren’t getting the results you are looking for when you are networking – on and offline.

Dates:    On application

Trainer: Liz Almond, The Mindset Shifter from Insightful Minds, an NLP Trainer and highly accomplished spiritual teacher and healer.

Cost: £99

For more information, contact Liz at or ring her on 07815 904848.  The course can be adapted to be an Introduction of NLP for Carers and can be delivered over a series of weeks if necessary.


  • “I really enjoyed the workshop day with Liz.  Learnt a lot about myself and others which will be useful in the moving forward.  I would really recommend the workshop day and working with Liz.”  Alison Brown
  • “A very good cost effective introduction to NLP which covered many aspects of NLP and how to work with it.  Liz is a fantastic host and can thoroughly recommend her.” Maria Chumas Baker
  • “Liz held a very comprehensive workshop that covered everything I could expect from NLP.  I have come away with some practical ideas and goals for moving my business forward.” Margaret Holvec
  • “A really productive day and helped greatly in focusing my business going forward.   Very thought provoking and was able to set some goals.” Melanie Peek
  • “A very inspirational and enlightening day. Much content of thought provoking/challenging my mindset. A gentle but empowering approach on sensitive issues, and a genuine care to help you achieve.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for giving this time to share your wealth of knowledge and resource tools to create a better mindset for living.” Angelene Logan-Overy,  Sustainable Housing specialist
  • “The message of being congruent in your business was very well delivered. I believe this is the key to my success. ” Amanda Philipe-Savage – Allergy specialist and healer
  • “Liz is a very natural trainer & offers advice & skills that are easy to implement & help everyone, anyone move forward in their business.” Sarah Gaddie – Arbonne
  • “Learnt a lot, helped me to focus on positive aspects and helped me to look at the bigger picture when interacting with people.” Vivien Fox – Accountant
  • “The course was fun and interactive. Good content leaves you wanting to learn more. We were given lots of tools and ideas to put into practice.” Sarah Redpath – Events organiser
  • “A really enjoyable day – almost like advanced networking! Good taster session – certainly makes me more interested in NLP and its place in my business.”
  • “This was a very useful & educational introduction to NLP and has already helped me start to recognise my own self-limitations, so now I can take steps to move forward & set goals that I will work on.” Natalie Percival – Kings Hill Back Pain Clinic
  • “Liz was really knowledgeable & positive. She really challenged the way the group were thinking and got the whole group to interact. There was a good spread of different techniques that I will certainly be using. ” Katie Hawkins – Bridal Hairdresser
  • “Liz’s NLP for Business course was brilliantly structured and is a fantastic introduction to NLP. I would recommend the course to anyone who is in business that wants to achieve more from themselves and their team.” Melinda Bush – Mortgage Broker
  • “A valuable introduction to NLP. The day provided taster sessions and interactive exercises to apply a range of NLP tools to achieve both business and personal goals.” Lynn Kingdon – Accountant and Utility Warehouse Distributor
  • “I found this event a very positive experience. The content was inspiring and educational. The information I was given will help both my personal and business life. Liz was very warm and welcoming. I look forward to more of their courses and company.” Michele Weedon – Turkish Property expert
  • “A well formed & structured course. I found it very informative, interesting and inspiring. It left me feeling motivated and confident that I could achieve my goals and gave me an idea to follow them through.” Sharlea Sparrow – Reflexologist and Celebrant
  • “The workshop is very useful as an introduction to NLP. As the morning points were something I am familiar with, a more in depth course could be more interesting. The language/type of personality – very interesting.” Aline Koehler Price – Business Development Manager, Elite pubs
  • “This was a really good introduction to NLP (or a refresher) with  a focus on Business. Very interesting and good to have time to focus on my business and think about how NLP can help.”
  • “A very useful day. A must for anyone in business who wants to move forward. Professionally delivered with personal sharing – a good balance.”
  • “I wasn’t sure what to expect & I thought it would be more ‘Woo, woo’ stuff. Extremely practical & very relevant to me & my business. I had a ‘light bulb’ moment about myself & now I have the skills to work on this ‘fault’ & improve. “Pippa Ford – Utility Warehouse Distributor
  • “Found the day very interesting – packed full of useful tips, advice and information, delivered in an enthusiastic and clear way. Lots of opportunities to share info and experiences.” Kay Burden – EFT Coach & Trainer for Carers

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