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I am blessed with lots of lovely clients and students whom have written some very lovely stuff about me. Thank you to you all for writing these wonderful testimonials about my work. It has been my pleasure to have worked with you and I am so pleased that you have experienced such positive changes since having coaching with me.

Testimonials from One to One Clients

I hold Liz in exceptional high regard. She has helped me on numerous occasions with a number of personal and business matters and her advice and therapy has always been extremely useful and has worked very well indeed.  For instance, her recent colour therapy (The Balance Procedure) helped me with a particular situation in life and without the training the situation would not have been resolved in the way it has been.  As I say, Liz is wonderful at what she does, extremely knowledgeable, capable and I recommend her to anybody who needs any sort of business or personal therapy. She is an indispensable part of anyone’s life and I will always refer clients and contacts as I know she will look after them.

(Jay Sahota – The Marsala Mentor)

Over the past four years, Liz has helped me in so many ways. After conquering my depression, we moved on to “bigger picture “ issues – setting goals and plans for home, family and business, developing a more optimistic attitude to life, realising that there is more to me than my job,  accepting and planning for retirement. Our regular sessions were always fun, positive and motivating.  She is very kind, non-judgemental, indefatigably positive, and great at cutting through tangled pre-conceived misconceptions to see the good in everyone and everything. Thank you for everything, Liz.

(Nigel – Veterinarian and business owner)

I had 6 sessions with Liz, we laughed, I cried and we talked and with her help she worked her magic using NLP and her other skills, helping me look at my mind, my language, my situations and reset, reprogram and release.  As a result of working together, I feel so much happier and the reason I went to her to stop having these lows of emotional sadness and tears being so close to the surface that I couldn’t stop them. I’m happy to report feeling completely healed.  I don’t quite know how Liz does it exactly as she has so many tools in her toolkit but whatever you feel you need help with whether personal or professional matter, I can not recommend her highly enough.  Just remember you are worth it!

(Amanda Arnison – Health Care Professional)

Liz is an insightful business owner who has learnt many lessons herself and openly shares her experience with others. Her massive amount of skills allow her to support business owners with a range of issues they may need to over come personally or professionally. If I wanted to take a step forward and I don’t know where to start, I would always go to Liz for advice.

(Rebecca Robertson – Financial Planner)

Liz and I had synergy between our work and had a Skype meeting to find out more. Liz demonstrated her work helping me to work through psychological blocks that were hindering me. After the session I felt calm and upright, stemming from my stomach area. Since then I have been writing and in flow mode, practically a week on, I almost have my submission for main stream publishers nailed. Today out walking I truly felt as if I have grown into Ann, if that makes sense, it does to me.  Thank you Liz, looking forward to reading the book.

(Ann Carver – Money Mindfulness Coach)

I can highly recommend Liz for her ability to come up close to you, put you at ease and understand exactly where you are coming from and what your needs are.  Liz is such a great healer and will spend as much time as is needed.  Highly recommended.

(Maria Chumas- Baker – Executive Assistant)

I just wanted to say thank you so much for the time you spent with me last week.  I came away feeling much brighter and clearer than I have in a long time and I have managed to stay that way most of the time (I know there will always be ups and downs).  Some totally unexpected things have already happened since I saw you and I think I am finally turning a corner on the self doubt / mistrust etc!  So thank you again and I will definitely be coming back to you at some point to move even further forward.

(Rachel Thomas – Bookkeeper and Rhanni Healer)

Having a mentor as part of my own development as a master teacher is and has been invaluable. With Liz you get the whole package, she provides a space for to maximise your own growth as a teacher and practitioner – recharging you on a physical, spiritual & physiological level! Amazing Liz thank you!

(SH – Reiki Master Teacher)

Sometimes life gets busy and its these times I’ve realised that I haven’t always looked after myself….. Until now….
Liz has helped me not only breakthrough self limiting beliefs, but she’s also given me the strategies and mindset that has made my life and business FLY! Liz demonstrates a wide range of skills, abilities and experience in helping you connect with yourself that enables you to truly grow. There is something very special about her deeper knowledge of empowering positive change within you on a conscious & subconscious level that enables you to feel freer than you ever dreamed possible!

(SH – Life Coach)

Just wanted to say thank you so much for our meeting last Friday. Was a very uplifting and empowering session – god you are good 😉   It is very clear that Liz knows her stuff! Helping others heal is a true gift, connecting with people and empowering them to grow is something very beautiful! What I haven’t always done as a healer is be mindful with how much I’m giving and how I’m collecting people’s energy a long the way. Liz is qualified in a vast range of holistic therapies that she’s used to make me feel wonderful. Thank you, I’m looking forward to coming back for more.  (Trisha Wood – Artist)

I can highly recommend Liz Almond’s Health and Wellbeing Coaching Breakthrough day. There have been noticeable shifts in my behaviour and thinking since I spent a day with Liz. I feel that I have been propelled forward into taking action in areas of my life where I had previously felt truly stuck – even de-cluttering my home has become easy! Thank you Liz x

(Jad Orlinska – Web Designer/EFT Practitioner)

I was just sitting there with the family thinking how lucky I was and then I remembered… the first time I ever decided to go on holiday was because of the work we did together… and then I thought I should really thank you. So thanks Liz. You made my life even better.

(GN – Coach/Business Owner)

Had a very insightful tarot card reading with Liz last week. Liz is an inspiration herself and I gained so much from the reading, really lifted me for the rest of the week and has focused my mind for the week ahead. Thanks again Liz Almond, highly recommend (Deborah Turner – Image Consultant)

Liz you are an amazing lady and really helped me no end in my mission to move on. Liz had me crying with laughter at some of the ridiculous things I have been doing in my business that don’t work and has given me plenty of challenges to help me and my business grow! A really enjoyable morning – thanks Liz xxxx

(Sue Boswell – Kleeneze Consultant)

Wanted to say a big thank you for the day we had. I’ve got back from holiday and feel that the world is a different and I am in a better place.

(Simon Oliver – Graphic Designer)

When meeting Liz, I was originally seeking out how to train to be able to give Reiki to people as I wanted to be able to help people in the way that it had helped me, but upon chatting with Liz, I found her to be a very knowledgable and clever as well as a kind and genuine lady. I very soon became aware that she would be able to help me much more than I had first realised. Liz has helped me to address some negative limited beliefs which I was not even initially aware that I had that were holding me back from fulfilling my life in lots if ways. Liz has helped me learn to accept and forgive myself and to be at ease with who I am and look at things in a new light. I have already seen and made changes which I know are going to have a positive impact on my new future and I embrace it rather than fearing it as I once did. What Liz teaches should be taught in schools.

(Emma Stephens – Trainee Healer)

My recent session with Liz was both “insightful” (as her company name suggests) but also relaxing, thought provoking and effective. As therapists, life coach’s or perhaps alternative practitioners, we sometimes think that there is no more work we can do on ourselves, but nothing could be further from the truth! Learning, growing and moving forward is all part and parcel of life and this is what Liz does so well. I left the session feeling empowered and ready to progress further with action steps in my life. Thank you Liz – Thank you for yesterday; it was fascinating. My husband said he noticed a big difference in me and I did feel much better mentally than I had been feeling.

(Carol Taylor – Angel Practitioner and Life Coach)

Thanks Liz Almond for an amazing day yesterday. Your empathy, knowledge and skills make you truly a healer’s healer! I’m still feeling great despite a stupidly early start today!

(Julia Smallbone – Massage Therapist)

Many , many thanks for yesterday Liz. On the way home I cleared the blockage which was preventing me from moving forward and I have arranged a meeting with Miles for next week . THANKS A MILLION !!!
(Anon – NLP Master Practitioner)

Your talk was inspiring, and so uplifting…. I took plenty of knowledge with me. I had to tell others of your talks of the law of attraction, and your delicate personality was so sweet, you are a lovely and sweet gentle lady’…. and have spoke of your talk…. to many others’… I often watch the law of attraction the secret, and can never hear enough of it’… loved it’… fantastic…. 🙂

(Anon – Spiritual Healer)

A BIG thankyou to you Liz for the amazing EFT session. Had the best nights sleep I’ve had for simply ages xx.

(Wendy Eagle – Reiki Level 1 practitioner/Business Owner)

It is for me to thank you for helping me when I needed you.

(Susie Jennings – Reflexology teacher Reiki Master/Teacher)

Thank you Liz Almond for your Money Mindset Workshop yesterday afternoon. Insightful Minds is the right name for your business. You really are an excellent example of what you teach xx.

(Penny Tree – NLP Coach/healer)

I really enjoyed your workshop yesterday i left feeling Amazing ! I met amazing people there ! I Look forwards to following your seminars … I am happy to be included. Your Amazing liz… Beautiful lady with enormous energy ! Can sense your healing all around you !. X

(TW – Psychic Medium)

You taught me so well when we did our Reiki 1 together. I have so much more self worth, you made me look at things so differently. I will always be grateful to you xx.

(Anon – Reiki Practitioner/ trainee Counsellor)

A big heartfelt thankyou to Liz Almond. I went to see Liz today & had Timeline Therapy. I feel lighter having cleared so much. Looking forward to 2015 & being able to give & receive with love & light. Xxx.

(Denise Moore – Massage Therapist/Reiki Practitioner)

I would just like to say a massive thank you to Liz Almond for re-energising me and my mindset 🙂 She has really helped me this week and what a wonderful person 🙂 Many many thanks 🙂 (DW – Healer)

Reiki has really made a difference for me. Liz has taught me skills to help with my pains and sleep problems that I have been experiencing before and during radiotherapy. Liz has been great and I would recommend Reiki to anyone. Thank you for all your help. (Erturk Tekham – Retailer)

Had the most amazing ‘releasing’ session yesterday afternoon with Liz Almond. Thank you so much. You sure are one talented clever bunny.. feel tons better today. Thank you xxx If you have not been to see Liz before, I highly recommend to pay her a visit and be welcomed to her beautiful calming room. 😉 (DN – Coach)

I’m feeling wonderful. It is dark and just chucking it down! But I started my morning with Hatsu Rei Ho. This is thanks to my lovely friend Liz Almond who empowered me to Reiki Level 1 on Monday. I also received a deep therapy/healing session enabling me to move forward on from stuck thoughts/patterns. Thank you Liz for such an amazing day, I felt truly transformed and am now looking forward to practicing my new skill on family and friends xox (Sharlea Sparrow – Reflexologist)

Liz is simply wonderful, very caring and understanding and makes you feel right at home. I left today much happier than I have been in a long time. Thank you! (KP – Healer)

A million thank you’s for yesterday, I’m still processing my internal shifts & have even heard the change of my inner voice…. I’m so excited about my journey Liz. The world needs you!!!! (SH – Reiki Master)

Liz quickly saw how I was blocking myself from moving forward (Insightful Mind) then employing one of the many methods of help she has at her fingertips plus some Reiki, I left my appointment feeling very relaxed, positive and able to start implementing plans for the future. (Anon – Business Owner)

Just wanted to say, thank you for your inspirational words and advice this evening. You have really helped change my way of thinking. It’s amazing how much a chat over tea can refocus your mind and energise your spirit. I’ve already read your little book, didn’t take as long as I thought and done all the tasks. Thanks once again. (Laura Yarlett – Fashion Designer)

I just wanted to express my thanks again for yesterday. The sessions were very inspiring and thought provoking and I have gained a lot from them. I appreciate the time you spent with me and feel very privileged – thanks once again. (Anon – Business Owner)

I have certainly found the coaching very useful indeed, on a number of levels, as well as finding it fascinating and motivational. I’m sure it is going to help me, and I have certainly noticed improvements in the way I have been interacting with staff, and also in the way I have been performing my role. (TP – Sales person/Manager)

I gladly accepted Ms Almond’s offer of help. She gave me unstintingly of her time, & with tremendous kindness & patience, empowered me into Reiki healing. Since then I have had the most wonderful success with healing; my husband, friends, but most notably five of our pets who have had different ailments & been transformed. (Anita White – Healer)

“I attended a Money Mindset workshop with Liz Almond and found it very worthwhile. Liz really helped me see through some issues and gave me some useful techniques for making changes to my mindset. This included EFT, something I’d never experienced before, and she even helped me with my breathing! I’d recommend the workshop to anyone who isn’t completely satisfied with their approach to money.”

“Feeling high as a kite , great Reiki session with Liz Almond — feeling amazing.” (Trisha Wood – Reflexologist)

“Liz quickly saw how I was blocking myself from moving forward then employing one of the many methods of help she has at her fingertips plus some Reiki I left my appointment feeling very relaxed, positive and able to start implementing plans for the future. (Rosie Waller)


Thank you Liz Almond, what a wonderful evening. at your money mindset workshop.You opened up my mind to; Empowerment of “ones self” . this process that I shall put into place, instead of “thinking about it ” (Money Mindset)

“It was a very informative workshop that opened your mind to a method to help you to be more positive and show you how to eliminate negativity from your life which holds you back from achieving success or whatever it is you are looking for from your life.” (Tapping for Health (EFT) Workshop)

“A great teacher, a personal favourite who never loses her temper and does her best and puts her students first to try her hardest for them all to succeed. Something which most teachers do not have. Never forgotten, thanks for all your help and dedication to our class.” Anon FE student – Business Skills in the Legal Environment

Liz is a fantastic and inspiring coach. Throughour our time working together, she gave me great feedback that really made me reflect on my own professional practice. Liz always provided brilliant support and guidance along with her professional help, and she would look more broadly at the holistic development of all of us who she trained as part of the Subject Learning Coach programme process. Sam Coombes – Advanced Teaching Practitioner, Seevic College

“You do an excellent job! you really do . You are an inspiration.” Jess Renouf – PTTLS Course

“Thanks for taking me out of my comfort zone to be able to get this far. You are really a great teacher and your high expectation and standard actually challenged and motivated me and everyone else I believe to work harder. Thank you for being you. ” Ronke Akintaro – PTTLS Course

“Got to give praise and honour where it is due. You have empowered me and I believe you have done that for most of the class who were willing to learn.” Brenda Spooner – PTTLS course

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