Insightful Minds

Learn how to shift your mindset and your energy very quickly by releasing limiting beliefs which are keeping you stuck and unfulfilled

This is a brand new workshop created by myself for my clients and students to deepen their knowledge and understanding of the Balance Procedure. It is suitable for anyone who is new to the Balance Procedure as well as more experienced users who have found that they aren’t getting the results that they desire from the Balance Procedure or they are a bit stuck in different aspects of their life – relationships, money, health, personal development, career and they need a bit of help getting ‘unstuck’.

Online on Zoom – 21st June from 7-9pm Cost: £47 plus £17.50 if you need the book and cards

How to book: email Liz directly at

A 2 hour practical workshop to help you dig deeper into who you are, why you work the way you do and to remove what is stopping you from succeeding in all aspects of your life so that you can feel calmer, more relaxed and peaceful.

Are you feeling frustrated, stuck, fearful and overwhelmed? Have you still done loads of personal development and healing on yourself, but you still aren’t getting the results you are looking for and you are procrastinating? Would you love life to just align properly rather than it being a struggle? If yes, then the Balancing with Belief Workshop is perfect for you.

We will be using the Balance Procedure to shift the negative aspects of you and to align with who you really are. We will look much deeper at your own belief system and you will discover more about your own Truth. Often we have embedded subconscious beliefs within us which we don’t even realise are causing us a problem. How we react in life is often our subconscious beliefs playing out.

We will dive deep into your beliefs about the world, your culture/religion, the Government, your health, as well as your beliefs about relationships, money and your own personal value to discover what is setting you back and will assess which beliefs need to change so that you can feel happier, more successful and healthy.

We will use the Balance Procedure for you to work through these beliefs to shift and learn from what you discover, so that you leave the session feeling energised and feeling happier. You will notice how pain disappears and you feel more relaxed as you change your belief system.

* It is expected that you already have a set of the Balance Procedure Book and Cards for this workshop. Please ensure that you have balanced checked all the 9 cards together before coming on the workshop. If you need a set of cards/book, then get in touch at This is an additional fee of £17.50 inc P&P. *