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Are you stuck? How are you going to get moving again?

The STUCK challenge is currently on in the Money Mindset Academy Facebook group from 3rd June at 7 am each morning. Join in and get unstuck!!

Time to get unstuck and to start serving others with your wisdom


Have you ever wondered what your profit potential is? How much money you really could make or do you limit yourself? Have you uncovered your full potential or is there more to be uncovered? Are you profiting from your potential or are you worried that you are not good enough which is affecting how much you could earn in your business. Are you feeling stressed as you can’t articulate your message which is causing you frustration and anxiety? Do you have low self worth so you value yourself less than you should and have difficulty charging people if you have a business? Who are you? Is there another you inside you trying to escape and to come out to play? The real you.

Deep inside you will know you are here to serve others. It is time for you to be you, be seen and be heard. Learn to stand in your power, be confident and not worry about what others think. It is time to be honest with those around you, so that you can figure out your life direction and improve communication with those around you by resolving trauma.  Are you too sensitive to places, people and your environment and need to desensitise a little?  Are you being too stubborn and inflexible with your thinking?  It is not who you are who holds you back, it’s who you think you are not.


Are you always feeling that you have no time to get things done and you have an ever increasing to do list? Learn strategies of how to manage your time better so that you can save time and use it effectively. Have you ever meditated or do you say, you haven’t got enough time? By getting into alignment with yourself and your life purpose, you will save a lot of time and money as you will communicate your message more effectively to those who interact with you in your life and business. 

This comes from truly understanding your life direction, changing negative habits and resolving trauma and stress so that there no longer a need to feel overwhelmed and to procrastinate.  Are you going too fast through life? Do you need to slow down?  If you don’t slow down, how do you see the signs which the Universe is trying to give you?  How patient are you?  Are you working too hard and not taking time out such as breaks and holidays? Do you think other people’s time is more important than your own?  Do you use systems to help you manage your time?  How productive and effective are you?


Do you understand yourself really well or if you are being honest are you confused about who you are and what you stand for.  Are you living in the present, past or the future? Do you know what your life purpose is? Are you one of the crowd or do you want to shine brightly and show your uniqueness. Being original and understanding yourself will allow your originality to shine out of you like a beacon of light which will resonate with your ideal clients or those people who you want to inspire.  

Do you have a deeper sense of what you want to achieve, but haven’t got a clue how to make it happen?  Are you in tune with your spiritual mission and what you are on the planet to achieve.  Does it scare the pants off you or does it feel like a burden of responsibility which weighs heavily on your shoulders.  Create a system of knowledge which captures your originality and wisdom which will easily allow you to write a book or to deliver profitable talks around your specialism. Are your fears getting in the way of success and you need to work on building up your confidence and self esteem to get your message heard?

Is it time for you to stand in your power rather than feeling powerless which will keep you stuck?  Do you understand the power of gratitude and being able to help others.  Is your Ego in control rather than you being in service to others?  Be careful not to sacrifice your happiness for others though.  Are you at ease or dis-ease with yourself?  If you are sick, why are you stuck in sickness? What negative emotions do you need to release and what behaviours do you need to change? Do you worry about what others think and about them judging you? Does this affect your confidence and feelings of being good enough? Now is the time to be free and true to yourself. Not worrying about others opinions of you. 


Are you focused or do you get distracted a lot?  What is it that distracts you?  Do you use methods to keep you focused? 45 min work/15 min break?  Using meditation to slow time down?  Have you ever downloaded information you are given? What is it that you are not clear about when it comes to the area of life you are stuck about?  For what reason do you have no direction, because you are stuck?

Have you planned your vision for 20 years ahead – both personal and business life or are you just working from what you come up with each day, being a free spirit, rather than a planned spirit who then goes with the flow around what is being created when they get clarity.  If you don’t have a vision, you will lose hope and sight of what you desire.  Life won’t feel so great and this keeps you stuck. 

If you don’t know what you want you will be stuck until you get clarity. Is your lack of clarity causing issues with your finances and profitability? Have you ever used angel cards, tarot cards or journaling to get more in flow?  You can see a practitioner or use cards yourself.  Understanding and trusting yourself gives you more clarity and you will then make easier decisions which means you will have no reason to be stuck.  What potential are you not using? There is something phenomenal about you. 


What do you need to know to get yourself moving again? Do you realise you have all the inner resources already to get all the answers you need to any situation you face.  We are so used to asking outside of ourselves, we don’t appreciate what we do have.  If you are very academic, you will always be trying to make sense of everything, which will make you an overthinker and will cause you to procrastinate, become overwhelmed and stressed. 

You will over question yourself about situations in your mind and ruminate making yourself feel worse.  This will create more ‘stuckness’ in you.  Are you stuck in the detail of a situation, rather than looking for a simple way of doing something?  Simplify what you can.  Being more intuitive will save you time, energy and will give you expert knowledge in a flash.  Trusting your gut is a wise thing to do. 

Systemising your wisdom into a system e.g. the VISIONary system in my book Are you worth it? will simplify when you are talking/writing about a topic with anyone and will save you time, and will show your knowledge in the best way for others to logically understand that you are an expert.  You are knowledgeable but can get stuck due to being too intelligent and knowledgeable.  This will save you time and will help you understand what you need to share with others and why and will therefore mean you are able to move forward more with clarity and will be able to get your message across easier.

If you are STUCK and you would like some coaching/therapy to get you moving again quickly, then book in for a chat with Liz by calling 07815 904848 or emailing Liz’s book Are you worth it? a spiritual guide to managing your money mindset will help you understand yourself more and will help give you a mindset shift to get you out of being quite so stuck. It is available at £12.50 inc p&p.

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