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Are you judging me and others about the money they earn?

judgementHaving meditated this morning, I felt compelled to write this blog post.  Having become the Money Attraction Angel in January this year, I have had some interesting experiences and feedback around how people view me and the work that I do.  Some people seem to assume that because I am running Money Mindset workshops and working with people around their money, I should be loaded and be driving the newest, flashiest car.  Hmmm…

One of the things I teach on my Charity Money Mindset Workshops is not to judge others about what they say, what they have, how they act, etc.  Being non judgemental, means that you can see the real truth in a situation.  Judging others means that you limit your choices and often you will break rapport with someone who actually could help you.  Judging someone about their wealth, will not attract more wealth to you as it shows envy. You need to be truly happy for someone else’s success and wealth as this is how you bring more to you.   It does make me sad that I am judged around the ‘perceived’ money that I have, as I am sharing a very important message for the world via the work that I am doing.  I am incredibly rich and wealthy in many ways and it is not necessarily due to the bank balance that I have, although this will increase as time goes on as it takes time to build a successful business and to be known for what you do. Just like every other business owner, I’ve made mistakes in what to invest in and how to spend my money and that is information that I pass on when I mentor other business owners therefore saving them money.  Money in the mind can be seen from an Ego point of view or a Spiritual point of view. The spiritual way will gain you more success in the long run as your focus is about helping others and being a go giver.  What goes around comes around….

Just before I came into business in 2011, I suffered a miscarriage, it was devastating.  I then went through a redundancy situation at work where I helped many people to be ok about staying or leaving the organisation. I took voluntary redundancy, and as I left I found myself much more negative and unhappy than I thought I would be. I had given too much to others and not looked after myself.  I was undergoing IVF at the time and lost two cycles. It was a tough time.  After a couple of months, my redundancy money ran out.  My now ex husband contracted pneumonia and was seriously sick.  It was very worrying. Within days of him getting better, my Mum was involved in a car crash and died after 10 days.  As you can see I had multiple bereavements and had good reason to be depressed and unhappy.  I have had suicidal thoughts and it really is not a place I would like to visit again.  My business suffered as I found it hard to cope and of course my finances took a major knock too.  Managing numbers has never been my thing and I have had to learn how to do it. I’ve rebuilt myself and my business from scratch and it is flourishing. I’ve done this by working solely on myself and without anti-depressants. I have amazing friends and family who have helped me too and I am sincerely grateful to them for loving me, helping me and for believing in me.

The message carried through all my work is to serve one purpose – to help people become happier. According to the World Health Organisation, by 2020, depression is going to be the 2nd biggest disability in the world.  Macmillian Cancer care are also predicting that 1 in 2 people will experience cancer by this date too.  I have regained my health dramatically – I no longer have the heart condition I was born with, and have recovered from Chronic Pain Syndrome, depression, chronic anxiety, asthma, high blood pressure as well as improving my hearing and eye sight, I therefore I have a unique understanding of how the mind works with regards to health.  I have managed to be so lucky because I have used a combination of Medicine, Mindset and Energy techniques to get myself better and I have taken responsibility for my life.  My unique skillset and experience is a gift which I am sharing with the world to help change what is predicted for the world. The more people who come on board with my way of thinking, the happier people will be and less people will suffer.  In my family, there is a combination of doctors, teachers and financers and I am on this planet to use the family knowledge to help others heal their issues around Health, Wealth and Happiness.

In the mind, Health, Wealth and Happiness is interlinked. If someone is unwell with a chronic illness, they are chronically negative in their thoughts.  In fact, I have my own assessment tool which I use to show my clients this. Often, my clients will start to worry about money even if they have money.  Their happiness is affected too.  I am also working as a therapist, coach and mentor to other health professionals to help them gain more understanding around how spirituality and mental health are intrinsically linked and to ensure they also have the right skill set in place to deal with the oncoming crisis predicted.

So if you know anyone with depression or another chronic health condition, encourage them to come on one of my workshops or to work with me to help them feel so much better. I explain logically why we need to act differently in the future and teach essential life skills such as how to meditate, how to use Emotional Freedom Technique (an energy and mindset technique) as well as how to use the mind creatively to gain what we desire including lots of money!!  If you can help me to help others in anyway by collaborating with me, then please do get in touch.  I may have fantastic knowledge, but I need help in how to spread it, so that more people can stay happy and rich with life.  I can’t do it without your help…

With gratitude for your love and support

If you are interested in attending a workshop or working with me on a 1-1 basis, then email me at or ring me on 07815 904848.  I offer everyone a complimentary 20 minute phone call.  If you or someone else is in debt and you can’t afford to attend anything, there are plenty of ways to gain help too, you can download my free money guide and hypnosis track, interact with me in my Facebook group ‘Money Mindset Academy’ or attend the Charity workshop which is only £10.  If you feel we could work together to help share my message, then get in touch!! #money mindset #money #areyouworthit

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