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What does ‘Ask The Universe?’ actually mean?

universeThe terminology, ‘Ask the universe for what you want’ is used so much between business owners, but do you really understand what it means? Are you asking for what you want and nothing is happening? Are you nodding agreeing with other business owners, but not really understanding what ‘Ask the Universe’ means, but you are afraid to ask?

You create your own universe from your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and attitude. When you think positively, set goals and take action to achieve them, you will attract in people, experiences and events which enable you to achieve your goals and to have the life you desire.  Everything comes from your energy field – your universe.  It sounds simplistic, but when you start paying attention to your thoughts, beliefs and actions, you will notice more about how life is playing out for you positively and negatively.

When you step into self employment, your income will change but if you don’t change your thought patterns, beliefs and attitude around money you will have a problem.  As an employee, you focus on being paid an amount of money on a certain day, you pay your bills and then whatever money is left is yours to spend! As an entrepreneur, you must take a more spiritual approach to earning and spending your money. The spiritual attitude is about being grateful for the money you have, are going to have and enjoying the richness of life around us, not just focussing on what bills you have to pay.  You also have to invest into your business and project what income you would like to see and take action to receive it. The numbers in your business are essential to your success. You have to work on keeping yourself in alignment with the Law of Attraction.  It is really important to look after your health to attract in the wealth you desire.

Can we ask for the amount of money we desire?

When it comes to asking for the money we want in life, can we really ask for what we want?  Well, yes, actually…. we can… it is only your beliefs and lack of action which will stop money flowing to you. If you have not read or watched ‘The Secret’ yet by Rhonda Byrne, it would be my suggestion to go and read/watch it now! It is free on Youtube at and you can gain more resources at as well. An hour and a half well spent.  Basically, the movie and book help you become more aware of how your thoughts help you attract what you want. It is essential that you maintain a positive attitude and feel positive emotions.  This helps you manifest what you want in life.  Focus on what you want not do not want in life or in your business.

The basics of ‘Ask the Universe’ is to Ask for what you want in your thoughts and set goals around this. Ask within your meditations for what you desire and actually take action to ask people around you to help you or overcome something which has previously been a problem by taking inspired action to change things. When you Ask for what you want, the next steps are to Believe you deserve to receive it and then Receive it into your life.  Focus on what you want with passion and excitement. It is essential to visualise what you want when you are in a happy state and when you feel good.  Feel grateful for what you have in life now and for what you would like to receive.

Reasons for the Universe is not providing you what you want….

  • This is because you do not believe that what you are asking for is possible e.g. to earn £100,000 in your business
  • You are not open to receiving help, support, money into your life e.g. you feel embarrassed when someone wants to help you or give you money
  • You aren’t taking enough inspired action to achieve the goals that you have set
  • You are being too negative. You need to work more on changing your emotions to be positive.  Live with love, joy, happiness, excitement, passion, fun, etc, rather than guilt, powerlessness, hopelessness, fear, anxiety, distrust, etc
  • You need to change your thoughts from being Scarcity based to being abundant. Prosperity comes in many forms – money, new ideas, friendship, nature,

I’m so happy and grateful that I now have…. Appreciate what you have at the moment. State what you desire. Believe that something is already yours. Unwavering faith. You don’t need to know how the Universe will bring what you want, just trust that it will come to you and take inspired action!! Go for it……have the life you want to have…….

If you are struggling to make this work for you, get in touch. I use a range of techniques which lift the negative mood and energies, so that you can change easily. If you have specific negative emotions that you just can’t shift,  you may believe it will take a long time to shift.  This just is not true. Some can change in minutes! I run workshops and webinars all over Kent.  The next Charity Money Mindset workshop is on 16th June at Westenhanger Castle, Hythe. Book at Get in touch at or ring me on 07815 904848 to book a 20 minute discovery session to see how I could help you.

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