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Is your lack of self worth affecting the money you are earning?

Is your lack of self worth affecting the money you are earning?

Is your Lack of Self Worth affecting the Money you are earning? emotions

As an entrepreneurial woman with lots of different qualifications, skills and experience, it could be assumed that life must be easy and there can’t be much that gets in my way.  Work opportunities must flow to me as I have much to offer business owners and other entrepreneurs to help them grow their businesses and to overcome financial issues.  Having been in business for almost 4 years, I can tell you it has not been an easy ride and whilst I’ve not been consciously blocking the money in my life, there has definitely been unconscious blocks which have stopped me as well as some pretty major life changing events.

Are you focussed and relaxed?

A massive problem for business owners is staying focussed and relaxed, especially when your personal life is not going to plan. Whether we like it or not, stuff that is going on at home will affect the effectiveness of your business.  Three months before I started my business, I had had a miscarriage, then I helped many of my colleagues at work through a massive restructure which made many redundant, including myself. I thought I was going to be an Educational consultant, but could not get this to work, had two failed IVF attempts and then my redundancy money ran out.  My husband caught pneumonia and was seriously ill and then within weeks of him recovering, my Mum was involved in a serious car crash and died. This all happened within an 18 month period. Ouch…

It is any wonder, that I then became depressed and lost my confidence as emotionally I had been through so much. Of course, this then impacted on my finances and I started to get into debt.  My self worth took a nose dive, as I had gone from being a successful career woman who was self assured to someone who wasn’t sure what they were doing.  Is it any wonder my business made no money…….

So why am I telling you this?

If you don’t deal with the emotional side of what is going on at home, your business will suffer and in turn so will your money.   If you leave things too long, your profits will drop and your business will takeSelf worth longer to recover or if you are really unlucky will go bust.  When you become negative in your mind and unhappy, you will be pushing away opportunities, you will not attract in work and you have less energy and enthusiasm to get things working.  Your confidence and self worth will be affected.  By learning techniques such as meditation, Reiki, breathing techniques, and Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping) you can reverse the problem. Of course, healthy eating and exercise play an important part too. If you have had significant negative life changing events, then employ a therapist to help you, so that you recover quicker.  It will be money well spent.

The Law of Attraction will attract more negative into your life if you are feeling unhappy, so it is important to recognise there is a problem and to start changing your state so that it is more positive.   Negative emotions such as anger, fear, sadness, grief, loneliness, guilt, hatred and frustration will all drag you down and distract you from achieving what you want.

Stay positive, happy and focussed….. 

Whether you are an entrepreneurial woman or man, to make the money you want in your business, you must keep your emotions positive and your energy high. Happiness is the key! You need to look after yourself, love yourself and by dealing with the emotions you are feeling rather than ignoring them, you will watch your business grow and you will be able to earn the money to have the lifestyle you dream about.  How cool is that!

Stay focused, calm and positive

Stay focused, calm and positive

Want to learn more?

To learn more about how to be less stressed in your business and to change your attitude to money and the stresses in life, you may wish to use the Money Mindset workbook ‘How to manifest more money into your life’ or come on one of my money mindset workshops/courses.  If you are in debt, don’t worry. One of the workshops is free! I also teach meditation and Reiki on a 1-1 basis. Of course, if you are feeling stressed and need some guidance, I am more than happy to work with you individually to help you understand the issues you have now and to help you move forward with ease in your business. All information can be found at or you can ring me on 07815 904848 or email #money #moneymindsetworkshops #themoneyattractionangel

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