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Menopause – How Menopause Effects Mental Health

Are you suffering from symptoms of the menopause? Hot flushes, anxiety, depression, weight gain, heart palpitations, etc? Is it getting you down? Do you wish that there was another way to deal with the symptoms without taking medication?dealing with the Menopause holistically

If yes, then read on as there is lots you can do naturally to recover from the symptoms you are feeling.  Sadly menopause isn’t well recognised by employers or supported well by the NHS which is leaving lots of men and women in despair feeling dreadful and without hope.  There is lots you can do to reduce or eliminate your symptoms, and it involves taking a more holistic look at your life and becoming much more self aware about your life, your emotions and your behaviour.

There are many holistic and talking therapies which can be offered to you, to help you understand what you are going through.  You may also need relationship coaching if you are finding it difficult with your partner at this transitional time in your life.  It can be a very challenging time!!

You may be needing to resolve trauma, learn some anger management skills, build confidence, self worth and self esteem following abuse or bullying, or to change negative habits or patterns which are sabotaging your success.  Together I will help you to deal with stress, depression and anxiety which arises due to the menopause and whilst you are figuring out your life direction.  I can work with you to improve your communication in your relationships, use counselling/coaching skills with you to resolve issues which are concerning you as well as reducing your stress and anxiety.

If you would like to know more about how I could help you, then email me on or phone 07815 904848

Additional Menopause Resources

For interesting interview about menopause, you might like to go to a series of interviews by menopause experts including myself by Katie Philips of The School of Self Love.  The website is and the series of interviews can be accessed via:

My interview about ‘Menopause, Mindset and Mental Health’ can be viewed via

Latest NHS guidance about the menopause can be located at:

Look for more information about menopause at where latest updates are shared.  The menopause cafe is a charity and I am running the Menopause cafe for Maidstone sessions.  It is free to attend except for buying a drink and maybe some cake. It is not a support group however it is an space to discuss the menopause openly to break the taboo.  Men, women, young and old may attend.  Further events/speakers can be added to the agenda if this is needed however it will not be as a part of the menopause cafe and will be arranged privately by Liz.

To book a place at the Menopause Cafe

12th March Headcorn 1-3pm

You may wish to join my free Facebook group ‘Balancing the Menopause – Holistic Support Group’ where additional content is shared.

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