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Are you being an ostrich when it comes to money?

Are you being an ostrich when it comes to money?

Are you being an ostrich when it comes to money?

Debt, not having enough cash flow in your business and not making the profit you want undoubtedly affects you and causes you stress.  When you are stressed, you will feel out of sorts, unable to concentrate and focus as you need to on your business. As the worry about money gets worse, you then start taking it out on others around you, potentially your staff, your friends and family.  Other issues like bereavements, illness and accidents just add to the burden of trying to stay focused and calm about money. No matter how hard you try to ignore how you are feeling, those negative thoughts creep in of ‘I’m not good enough.’  You start telling yourself negative things about why you can’t get business and making excuses as to what is stopping you ‘The recession is still affecting my business’, ‘I can’t admit I made a mistake as it will look bad’ or ‘its the Government’s fault’. We all have ‘self talk’ and it is self sabotage of our business and its success.  Everything you are creating in life, comes from your thoughts, emotions, and behaviour. You are creating your life and the success you are receiving.Ostrich

How are you feeling?

How we are feeling about our business really makes an impact as to whether we can move forward and sort out the money issues we are facing. Only 1 in 10 businesses survive past the 5 year mark and two of the key reasons for this are cash flow and issues with finance.  So what are you doing to ensure that your ‘head’ is in order, to stay in the driving seat and to whether the storm of being an entrepreneur and to get past that 5 year mark.  You may well be investing in websites, business cards, networking, materials for your business, but how much do you invest in keeping you ok!  All the investment made for your business (0ften paid for on credit cards) is worthless if you are not prepared to work on yourself and become self aware.  Everything comes from your mind and the decisions you make. Your business will fail, if you fail to recognise that you must work on yourself to stay in business.  Your health is paramount to your wealth within your business and your happiness.

Are you being an ostrich about your money and just hiding from being the success that you want to be (by the way we all self sabotage, including me) or are you getting stressed about making your business the success you want it to be by putting yourself under too much pressure.  Hiding or putting yourself under pressure just causes more anxiety and misery.  It is time to change, as there is another way……

Want to learn more?

To learn more about how to be less stressed in your business and to change your attitude to money and the stresses in life, you may wish to use the Money Mindset workbook ‘How to manifest more money into your life’ or come on one of my money mindset workshops/courses.  If you are in debt, don’t worry. One of the workshops is free! I also teach meditation and Reiki on a 1-1 basis. Of course, if you are feeling stressed and need some guidance, I am more than happy to work with you individually to help you understand the issues you have now and to help you move forward with ease in your business. All information can be found at or you can ring me on 07815 904848 or email #money #moneymindsetworkshops #themoneyattractionangel




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