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How is your sex life affecting your money?

You may think this is a bit of an ‘out there’ thing to blog about, but as a therapist, I work a lot with how to improve your sex lifeindividuals about their sex lives as it is linked to their self worth and the money that they can earn.  Now I don’t look at the ‘ins and outs’ of doing the deed (you can see a Sex Therapist for this!), but I do work a lot with my clients as to how they are interacting and behaving around having or not having enough sex with their partners/spouses.  Often there can have been an incident in the past such as sexual abuse or rape.  Now you might be thinking, how does sex link to money mindset, but actually they correlate exactly.  How is your sex life affecting your money?

In the body we have 7 energy centres called Chakras.  They are spinning underneath the physical body and they can get blocked by how we are reacting to life and how we are behaving. Each Chakra links to an aspect of our life and if you visit a healer like myself, I will be working on clearing the blocks you have in your Chakras. I will also ask questions about your behaviour which might be creating the blocks.  A change of mindset can work wonders for your sex life!

For example, you might be going through the menopause and not be feeling attractive, or you have been with your partner for years, and they have stopped doing some of the little things they used to do to ‘get you in the mood.’  Life is so busy and when kids come along often priorities change. You need to learn to change your behaviour to meet your partner rather than expecting your partner to change.  As you change your behaviour and mindset, you can heal anything. For example you might be taking your partner for granted and have stopped appreciating what they do for you. Gratitude in a relationship can work wonders. Getting back in sync with one another, appreciating one another is a great healer of your sex life.  Of course, if the issue is deeper such as sexual abuse, we need to work on removing the negative emotion attached to the experience in the past.  It’s not about reliving the experience.

The men I work with, often complain that their partners don’t want sex (probably not true and they need to change how to approach their partner) or often it is because their self worth is so low, that they can’t perform! I work a lot with entrepreneurial men, who are trying to succeed in business.  As they strive to make money, ploughing everything into their business, they spend less time with their partners, thinking that when they ‘provide’ ie money she will be happy. Actually, she probably would prefer you to be ‘present’ at home, and being given a really special cuddle, which is a pre-cursor to something else! When men struggle to make money within their business, their deeper sense of being able to provide is affected and their confidence is knocked. If their partner is non sympathetic (probably because she is feeling insecure), and ‘nags’ them about not bringing in the money or about not having enough, their self worth goes down again. Their sex life will be affected again. Time for a change …..

The Sacral Chakra relates specifically to Sex, Money and Power. The emotional and mental issues associated with the Sacral Chakra are:

  • Blame and guilt
  • Money and sex
  • Power and control
  • Creativity
  • Ethics and honor in relationships

When you start shifting the blockages and changing your behaviour and learning new habits and ways of being, you can start to see the changes you are desiring.  When we are happier, and there is real ‘joy’ felt by having a great sex life, your energy will be higher and you will find it easier to manifest what you want in life ie. using the law of attraction to bring you the money you want, as you have to be in a happy place of feeling good to manifest.

In the 1937, Napoleon Hill book, ‘Think and Grow Rich’ (a great read by the way), he notes that sexual energy is the power behind making the money you want.  The desire to make money, fuelled with enjoying sex, is a winning combination!

How to have a great relationship and sex life

  • Work together equally, make time for each other and meet each other half way
  • Listen to them and tell them the truth about how you are feeling
  • Be openly affectionate all the time, not just when you want to have sex!
  • Be thoughtful, anticipatory and appreciative of everything your partner does for you
  • Be honest and trustworthy. If you promise to do something, then do it! If you don’t you are eroding the trust between you
  • Reciprocate with good deeds, adapt to each other’s needs
  • Want the best for each other
  • Be committed to keeping your heart open and sharing your inner most fears with the one you love
  • Communicate about what scares, pleases and motivates them
  • Seek growth and evolve naturally together, sharing experiences that stretch you both out of your comfort zone

If this is a problem for you, take action. Life is too short not to…..

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