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HOPE – Have Only Positive Expectations

HOPE – Have Only Positive Expectations

In these unprecedented circumstances, you could be forgiven for feeling doom and gloom for yourself and for others as well as feeling that the rug has been pulled from underneath you. The life you thought you knew is dramatically changing with social distancing measures, self isolation and potential lock down looming. Global financial issues affecting small business and employers alike as well as the NHS being under even more strain than it was before.

A time for change – the change curve

The emotions of Blame, Anger, Confusion, Hopelessness and Anxiety are all heightened at times like these. These are the main emotions which sit behind depression experienced by my clients. So it is important that you get moving out of this state, VERY QUICKLY from SHOCK right through to PROBLEM SOLVING. It is time for you to realise that you do have all the inner resources to handle the circumstances you are going through and you will be ok. We have so many wonderful things to be grateful for and negative emotions actually hinder you rather than help you when it comes to the Law of Attraction. Remember, energy flows to what you focus on. Focus on the good not the bad!

The Change Curve below shows very nicely what we are all experiencing and you need to find creative ways to get through this crisis with your mental health intact. Some of you will need to get creative about how to earn money. It is possible. I went through massive change in 2014 when my husband left me with £38000 of debt, my Mum and Sister in Law died as well as my cat. I spiraled down very quickly into depression and I’m on a mission to make sure this doesn’t happen to anyone else. I’m not 100% out of the woods yet myself, but I’m determined to turn things around. I’m definitely in problem solving mode now. If I can do it, so can you.

The image is from Sussex University, and if you take a look at the article, you will find a deeper explanation. (Credit for share: Melody Cheal on FB – 23/3/20)

Stay Positive….. have HOPE

The key is to work on your learner mindset and to stay positive and hopeful. HOPE- Have only positive expectations. As I share in my book, Are you worth it? A spiritual guide to managing your money mindset, it is a time for you to learn new ways of being, creating and getting out of your own way to have success which may mean you need to earn money in a different way than before or to step out of your comfort zone such as taking your services online. The Love Game from my book, clearly indicates the route you need to be on now.

Blaming or being angry at others is a sure fire way to feel worse and it won’t help you and will keep you stuck. You will potentially create the emotion of hopelessness. It is time for you to learn some new techniques to shift the negative energy surrounding your circumstances. I can help you with that.


Stay light and bright

Negative emotions are dense in type and feel heavy and make you feel bad. Positive emotions feel much lighter and make you feel bad. When you are more positive, you will be more motivated to take action. This is why it is so important to stay in the present in your mind and to deliberately work on changing your thoughts and emotions to being positive.

Fill your balloon with light and happy emotions such as love, happiness, joy, contentment, excitement, etc) to help you with your future. Yes the future may be different to what you were expecting but you can still feel happiness in the moment and love for yourself and others. Make the most of social isolation and help others to feel good rather than focusing on yourself. Use social media and online platforms to connect with others on a deeper level than before and reach out if you need help. For those of you who love touching others e.g. hugging but are unable to do this. Try finding something else to hug e.g. your pet or a cuddly toy. It will help.

There are lots of techniques which will help you at a time like this. Emotional Freedom Technique for example is a fabulous tool to use to help you overcome issues. Click here for an introductory video

Remember, being anxious for another DOES NOT HELP THEM. Send your loved ones positive thoughts and trust that they will adapt to the changing circumstances they are finding themselves in. They need to learn how to step up and look after themselves. They have lessons in life to learn too and need to step out of their comfort zone.

If money is a problem for you, then please do take a look through all my past blog posts as you will find information to help you. Reading my book Are you worth it? a spiritual guide to managing your money mindset would be a very positive step forward too and it can be purchased directly from myself for £15 inc p&p. Just email me on if you would like a copy. The free resources for my book can be found at:

Get in touch if you are struggling with bereavements, social isolation, loneliness, depression or other anxieties. Until further notice, I am offering 50% off all my 1-1 sessions therefore £75 rather than £150 per hour. I wish I could offer my services for free but sadly I’m not funded by the NHS and I have business expenses I must cover as well as personal expenses too.

I can offer remotely Business Mentoring, Coaching, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Reiki, Angelic Reiki, Emotional Freedom Technique, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Mindfulness Meditation as well as Tarot and Angel Cards. Reiki and Card Readings are £50 for an hour. I can either use Zoom or Facebook Messenger video. Ideally not by phone but if you don’t have access to web cam then I will adapt. Group sessions of therapy are also being planned. Book in by emailing me on or ringing me 07815 904848.

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