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How to survive Lockdown….

How to survive Lockdown….

Laughter, Light & Love – use this time to create more laughter in your life. Stay positive and on a high vibration of love. Enjoy the sunshine and keep all conversations in person and online light, fun and happy. If you notice you are feeling a little down, then shift your thinking and try and find something to lift your mood like watching a funny cat or dog video on Youtube. Deliberately breathe out negative thoughts and feelings. Open your windows and doors and let fresh energy into your home every day.

O pportunity – use this opportunity to help others, to slow down and reflect on your life, to use technology to stay connected and to let go of negative thinking. Use this unique opportunity to make decisions and make new choices to have a happier and healthier life. Seize opportunities to stay positive and to find the good things in life. Take this opportunity to learn something new such as learning how to meditate or trying out a new exercise. Volunteer if you can and deliberately put yourself out to help others. If you are self isolating, remember you can still help from a far. You can befriend via the internet or by phone. Ensure you stay connected to yourself and others. Ask for help if you need it.

c Clear the Clutter – use this enforced time at home to declutter your home, office, car and garden. Fix things which need to be fixed and throw away stuff that you don’t need. Clean all surfaces and decorate rooms which need some attention. Simplify your life and be grateful for what you do have, rather than what you don’t. Declutter your mind by meditating and letting go of negative thinking. Notice how much better you feel by doing so.

k indness pays. Who can you help in person or online? This is a time to connect or reconnect with the people around you. Offer your love, support and encouragement to anyone you can see who needs help. Stay connected by talking over the phone or via technology. Seize opportunities to help others rather than being so focused about your own needs. Your mental health will improve. If someone close to you upsets you and you are stuck with them – forgive them. Instant forgiveness isn’t easy but it can be done. Life is too short. Use the Forgiveness ritual if you are finding it tough to forgive someone close to you.

d ecisions and Downtime. Use this time to reflect on what is important in your life. Are you truly happy? If not, why not. Make some new decisions during your downtime to empower yourself and to ensure that you are happy going forward. Is there a new career you would like to try out or perhaps some studying to do? Life is so short and precious and it is now the time to put yourself first and what makes you happy. What would you love to do? Start making plans. Do that online course which will take you a step further. Meditating is a great way to stop and down tools and to switch your mind off. Try out meditations on youtube, Insight Timer and Headspace.

o penness and obedience. Be open to what is on its way. A new world, a new earth. Be awakened by opening your heart to others and awaken to following your passion going forward. Be loving to all around you. It is a time to be flexible and open to what the Universe wants to bring you. During this time, get creative and uncover your true passion for life. Be obedient to the rules set by Government at the moment. It won’t be forever and you will survive. Getting angry won’t help you or others. Start creating some consistent rules for yourself such as a morning meditation or an exercise routine. Slowing down and stopping is good for us to gain more insight about life.

w illingness to change. How stubbornly are you holding on to your old life? How flexible are you? Are you rigidly holding onto old beliefs about how things ‘should’ be? It is time to change and be willing for those changes to happen. Change is good. Life is going to be different following Lockdown, for the better. You need to make the choice to live life differently. One where love and simplicity comes first and you follow your hearts desires, not money and where the planet comes first. Without nature we can’t survive and we were killing it before by our over consumerism and greed.

N ature or nurture – It is time to connect more with nature whether that is doing more gardening, watering your inside plants or being more sustainable when recycling your waste. Nurture yourself and get yourself more connected by slowing down and seeing the nature around you. Be more mindful. See the colours of the plants and flowers. Notice the wind, the sunshine on your face, etc. Remember that as a human, you are nature too. Connect with yourself and stay grounded. This means stop overthinking everything and breathe! Turn off social media if it is affecting your mood and stop watching/reading the news. Focus on nature and nurture your mind with positivity.

If you are struggling with being cooped up and are feeling anxious or depressed about life at the moment, take action and get in touch with me. Please don’t leave it to fester. The first 15 minutes are free. Contact Liz at 07815 904848 or

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