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What is love?

What is love?

Whether you are in business or not, love makes the world go round. If you don’t love yourself, you will be projecting out negative things about yourself (I’m too fat, I’m not good enough, I’m not lovable, I’m a terrible friend, etc, etc) through your thoughts and words and will be attracting in less favourable circumstances for you as your thoughts and words create your reality. (Law of Attraction in motion)

Self Love can be one of the toughest lessons to learn especially if you have been through not just one messy breakup but several which is often the case. With Valentine’s Day announcing that this is the day for love, it can bring down your spirit and impact your happiness. It can affect your business success as if you aren’t happy, you will manifest less favourable experiences within your business which will affect your cash flow. You need to be a high vibration to attract clients and to keep them.

You may be unable to love yourself as you are resolving trauma, overcoming addictions, figuring out your life direction due to traumas coming from abuse, relationship breakdown, divorce, separation, or redundancy. Relationship harmony is key.

According to world class corporate magician Laurent Beretta, whether you are in business or not, there are 3 aspects which keep love circulating and passion for your business alive but they apply to personal relationships too. The emotions which are felt by your customers or your partner impacts their long term memory.  In business, sales are made emotionally and justified logically in your customer’s mind.  In personal relationships, the actions you take will have an emotional impact.

There are three positive emotions/feelings you must have to excel with your customer/staff experience (or when with a partner) and which give the wow effect.  These are at the heart of successful brands and relationships.  These three emotions/feelings invoke the feeling of love in your customer/partner/suppliers/staff when all three elements are present.

SURPRISE – do something out of the ordinary and give more than is expected.  Shock them with what you give to/do for them.

INTEREST – Understand the model of the world of your clients/partner/staff/suppliers.  Be interested in them and be interesting as a business/partner, and they will be interested in you.

JOY – Ensure everything runs smoothly when they work with you from booking, to working with you personally and after care too. In personal relationships, make things easy not hard. Whether business or personal, a feeling of flow and an absence of any friction should be present.

So how well do you think you are doing in your business or personal relationships now you have reflected on the above? If you aren’t happy, you may like to try out my free resources at I’m very proud of the Love Game. It is a fab visual aid to help everyone understand the impact a lack of self love has on the mind and how to resolve trauma.

Time to spread more love everyone to yourselves and others!!! I’m sending everyone reading this lots and lots of love and happiness.

If you are finding either business or personal relationships challenging, or you are looking for love and are finding self love a challenge, then get in touch for a free consultation. I love helping others find love in their business and personal relationships. It makes the world a much more peaceful and happy place. Email Liz at or ring 07815 904848.

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