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Have you got a glass ceiling of how much money you can earn?

Have you got a glass ceiling of how much money you can earn?

Have you got a glass ceiling of how much money you can earn? Time and time again I work with clients who are struggling to earn money in their business.  They feel they have tried everything and are aboutglass ceiling to throw in the towel.  I know just how hard it is, and after disappointment after disappointment, I have struggled personally to make money from my business too.  It just didn’t make sense.  Everything I knew in theory, I was trying to put into practice and despite a very large network, I still had little work.  I just couldn’t work out logically why I could not earn more money.

One thing I had never considered was that I had a glass ceiling in my mind in how much money I could earn.  You will have an energetic rate of pay that you are comfortable with. This will be based on the jobs you have done in the past and what you have been paid.  You will also be influenced by what your parents/family earned as well as what you feel is an ‘acceptable’ level for what you offering as products/services in your business.

If you have only earned £8.50 per hour when employed, then it can seem ‘obscene’ to be charging £100 per hour or more and will tell yourself that no one will pay you that.  The thing is, when you are in business, you realise that there are loads of expenses such as website hosting, marketing, personal development courses, network fees, etc.  As a consumer, you never appreciated that a business had expenses.  You just used their service or if you were employed by a business, you never gave it a second thought when you printed a 100 page document you didn’t really need, which cost your employer £10.00 to print!  Remember as a business owner, you have personal expenses, business expenses and you have to make a profit too!

If in your past, like me you have been on benefit, this can set your energetic rate of pay at a very low rate.  Whilst on benefit you have usually been frustrated, less than satisfied as a person and have often felt unworthy and not good enough.  You were so desperate for money, that the £50+ you received from the state was appreciated and you got used to receiving this money and working within these limited funds.

Your mind will find it harder to leap from £50 per week to a much higher number.  You have a glass ceiling of how much money you can earn set.

So how to you cure it……

1. Ask yourself what your rate really is. You may have been told to charge £75 per hour for what you are doing, but this does not feel right. Ask yourself what is the right rate. If it is low, you need to up your rate immediately and every 6 months (if you want a slower approach), although be prepared to upset some clients who may leave as they ‘enjoyed’ your low rate. (Do you really want clients like that?)

2. Start charging your full worth and position your business and services around this price point.

3. If you can’t fix it yourself, they you may need a money mindset specialist like myself. I use a range of techniques to blow the ceiling wide open and you can earn as much money as you wish.  You may also have a maths phobia which I need to remove. Read my book, Are you worth it? A spiritual guide to managing your money mindset for business owners and attend my Business Essentials Workshop . My next workshop is 19th September in Leeds, Maidstone and is £48.

If you are interested in finding out more about how I could help you maximise your profits in business, then book a complimentary discovery call.  Book via my website contact request form or email at


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