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Are you feeling blue this Christmas?

Are you feeling blue this Christmas?

Happiness is a choiceDo you have the Christmas blues?At this time of year, everyone is just going so fast. There is so much to do, so much stuff not done and no time to think.  Christmas plays, Christmas drinks, Christmas festivities, but what happens if you really don’t like Christmas as you are feeling lonely and a bit blue?  Does anybody really notice?

Of course happiness is a choice.  This time last year, I wasn’t looking forward to Christmas.  My husband had left me and I had no money to buy presents for my friends and family and was unable to pay my bills.  It was a pretty miserable time. I wasn’t looking forward to Christmas and was very miserable truth be told.  During this year, my life has improved immeasurably and I’ve taken action to ensure that this Christmas is happier.  Happiness is a choice after all, although it doesn’t feel like it when you are feeling weighed down by negative emotion.

My top tips for happiness this Christmas are:

1.  Decide that you are going to focus on your wellbeing and put your happiness first.

2. Plan Christmas so that you get to interact with friends and family, rather than assuming that they are too busy and feeling isolated.

3.  Be true to yourself, and focus on exactly what you want to do on Christmas Day and during the festivities.  If you just want to read a book, watch a DVD or ignore the fact it is Christmas, then do it. Last year, I fed the homeless on Christmas Day and this year I am doing the same.  It soon makes you realise what you do have, when you help out in this way.

4.  Only spend money on what you can afford.  There is no need to feel guilty if you can’t give to charity or take part in an event.  Being debt free will give you less anxiety and more freedom in the long run.

4.  Please yourself and then others.  If you don’t feel like doing anything, then it is fine to have a bath, go for a walk or to read a book instead.  There is no need to feel guilty if  you just want time by yourself.

5.  If you are feeling really blue or unhappy and think you may need some help to get yourself feeling happier, then get in touch with me or another therapist.  If you get help as soon as you are feeling unhappy, then you can’t spend less time feeling blue and enjoying more of your life.

I am working throughout Christmas and will be offering a special hourly rate from 18th December to 4th January 2016 rather than the usual 3 hour sessions which I usually offer.  There is no need to feel unhappy over Christmas and I would love to bring some sunshine into your life instead of misery.  If you are feeling depressed or are feeling stressed over Christmas,  then give me a call.  I can guide you to feeling lighter and brighter.  Ring me on 07815 904848 or email

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