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How are you feeling about money?

How are you feeling about money?

Are you feeling the pinch even though Christmas is now long gone? Do you wish that you had more money in your life, so that you can do what you really want to do? Are you struggling to make ends meet?

Have you ever pondered on the thought about whether it is the actions you are taking which are leading to your lack of money?  Having reflected on this very issue myself, I realise that I always took the low paid job compared to my siblings.  I found myself working in Catering compared to my siblings who worked within Education, Finance and Medicine. What was stopping me from working within a higher paid position? Me… and the beliefs I had about whether I was good enough or clever enough to work within these fields!  By working in a low paid role, I reinforced to myself that this was all that I could do and interestingly when monitoring my thoughts a while ago, I realised that a sabotaging thought was affecting me – “I am the poor relation”.  Without realising it, I was attracting poorly paid work and accepting second best.  I had programmed myself to believe that I could not achieve success which in turn meant that money was eluding me.

My management of money has never been fantastic.  Sometimes I would have it and sometimes I wouldn’t.  I was on the yo yo plan of earning and losing money!  My behaviour has always been erratic around money and when I don’t have money, I start to worry and the phyisical worry in my body takes over. It really is an unpleasant feeling!  I have always disliked anything to do with numeracy and I think this has reinforced the fact that I don’t like managing money whether doing my book keeping or checking my bank account.  Having realised what I was doing, I have now become more responsible around money and this is a change for life.  No more do I want the horrible feelings of worrying about money.  Money is an energy and it needs to be looked after.  Therefore if I still choose to ignore it (and stick my head in the sand), I will always be struggling to have money.

Have you ever thought about what limiting beliefs you may have about money? People like me don’t deserve success, I come from a poor background, so I can’t earn a lot, there is no work as there is a recession on, or my favourite ‘the Government is stopping people earning money’.  None of these beliefs are true, but we act as if they are true.  The good news is that you can change how you think about money right now!

If you would like to know more, why don’t you attend my Money Magnet Workshop on 24th April 2013 from  7-9pm at T4U Tearooms, Haven Farm, Sutton Valence or book some personal coaching to resolve the difficulties you are having around money.

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