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Are you a depressed business owner?

Are you a depressed business owner?
Are you feeling depressed and not good enough?

Are you feeling depressed and not good enough?

You may think this is a bit of a strange heading to have for my blog, but I keep coming across business owners who are having lots of ups and downs with their businesses, whether this is related to their finances or to things which are going on at home such as a bereavement, a chronic ill health issue or relationship breaking down.  As I get to know those business owners around me, they confide in me that actually they are on anti depressants but they seem to be given very little support or therapy to deal with the issues affecting them.  You can resolve depression by using a combination of Medicine, Mindset and Energy.  Are you getting enough support to sort this problem out for good?

With all my clients who have depression or chronic ill health, I analyse their past history (including health issues), and spend time with them clearing negative emotions so that they initially feel better.  They need to feel better before I start working with them to change their behaviour, otherwise they won’t change it because it feels so hard to make the change otherwise!!  For example, a client may have a history of ‘not speaking up or saying what they really want’ in all different scenarios e.g. in meetings, with their significant others, with clients etc.  They may feel anxious about saying what they really mean, in case they offend the other person.  I have to reduce the negative emotion of anxiety and then help them see how to change their behaviour, so that they get better results.  When you are not saying what you really mean all the time, you can lose hope that you can change something or a situation.  There is also anger as you can feel suppressed.  The two main emotions I work on with business owners and anyone who has depression or ill health, are Anger and Hopelessness.  Other emotions also need to be cleared but it depends on the life experiences of the client as to what is needed.  Often there is a lack of vision about where they are going in life and with their business and this has to be resolved too.  Self sabotage is very common too!!

Having suffered myself from chronic ill health conditions such as a heart complaint, depression, asthma, high blood pressure and chronic pain syndrome, as well as having multiple bereavements including redundancy, my Mum & Sister in Law dying and my husband leaving me since I started my business in 2010, I think I can definitely say I understand depression and anxiety very well and how to overcome it naturally.  I no longer have the health conditions as I have fixed them by changing my mindset and healing the past.  The fact that I am still living and breathing is a miracle.  Life has not been easy but the good news is you can heal yourself if you wish.

When you come into business, often you come from an employed background, thinking the world of self employment will be better for you.  I found it really lonely, isolating and the business experience I thought I had, was null and void.  I didn’t know how to network, let alone collaborate, I was working from a scarcity mindset and because of the personal issues I was experiencing, I soon found myself in the doldrums of depression and ended up in massive debt due to not understanding the ‘numbers’ which stood behind the success of my business.  Yes, I was a depressed business owner.

The last few years has been an eye opener and not particularly pleasant if I am being totally honest.  I have learnt massively though about myself in this time and always pass on my words of wisdom when I meet a new business owner or a someone who is well established having a hard time.  Reiki healing has massively helped me in this time and I would encourage any depressed

business owner to get empowered to Reiki.  Reiki helps you with your spiritual and personal development and you don’t have to continue to become a Practitioner if you don’t want to.  When you go up the levels of Reiki, you gain more wisdom about yourself and to pass on to others.  In conjunction to Reiki, as a Neuro Linguistic Programming Trainer, I have also learnt about how I have been badly ‘programmed’ to deal with life and I have been changing my thought processes and behaviour since 2010. Also the training of Reiki Level 1 teaches you how to meditate and to bring ‘the light’ in.  For those of you who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder or feel more gloomy in the winter, it is a must.  Meditating also has hidden benefits such as pain management, weight loss and if you link it to your business plan, vision board and goal setting, you can achieve wonderful things in your business.

I would just like to say that it is normal to have ups and downs in business.  It is all a part of the process of learning how to be successful in business, and if you are finding it difficult to get yourself motivated properly, or you feel out of control or anxious about getting in enough money to pay the bills, it is probably time to invest in yourself more.  By spending 10% of your income on yourself, you are valuing yourself and are energising yourself to be a healthier business owner.  Often when you are trying to control things, you are being distrustful about something in your business such as not trusting you can find enough people to fill your events, whether joint partners will do what they promise or generally trusting yourself to succeed.  Trusting the Universe is key to your success.

So if you are struggling with depression, please do get in touch.  I’m happy to help and I offer a money back guarantee, provided you apply all the techniques I teach you.  If you don’t feel you can invest in 1-1 coaching/therapy, then the courses I offer – Are you worth it?, Charge More Work Less, NLP for Business, Mindfulness Meditation and Reiki training would be a cost effective way for you to gain help to get yourself feeling ‘good enough’ and energised for your business success. If you are new in business, and you are lacking confidence and you would like to be mentored to achieve success then I offer this service too.  More information about training dates is available at  My book ‘Are you worth it? – A spiritual guide to managing your money mindset’ will be out before Christmas.  #stress #depression #anxiety #selfhelp #personaldevelopment

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