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Reiki for Business

Reiki for Business

Reiki is an amazing self help tool for business owners if you choose to become empowered to it yourself. At Level 2 or above, you may work on others. Reiki is more and more being accepted by the NHS as a natural healing system as science is embracing and accepting spiritual techniques and wisdom. You start at level 1 and can keep going if you wish which is what I would recommend. I have done Level 1 twice, Level 2 twice and Master/Teacher only once, as I felt I didn’t understand what I had been given as I was a very logical person and not relaxed at all! The investment was well worth it.

Reiki Levels are:

  1. Level 1 – self awareness
  2. Level 2 – practitioner
  3. Level 3 – master
  4. Level 4 – master/teacher

Reiki allows you to tap into your own inner wisdom which will allow you to vision more easily for the future which is great for planning. You realise also that you create your life and you can shift negative energy out of you. By keeping your energy positive and light, you are able to manifest more easily via the Law of Attraction.

The benefits of Reiki for business owners are:

  1. Self care tool to keep your energy balanced and aligned
  2. Productivity and focus improve as your mind is more balanced
  3. A visionary tool to tap into inner wisdom rather than looking outside of you for guidance
  4. It can be delivered to others (provided you are Level 2 and insured) any place/anywhere to help others feel more relaxed if they are stressed or are feeling unwell
  5. The improved connection to your life force energy means that you will feel more empowered and confident, and can shift negative energy which you have taken on board from others or situations you are in
  6. You can enlighten others with your wisdom as Reiki is all about wisdom and truth. You will find it easier to share your wisdom and to understand your belief system which is linked to your ‘truth’ ie. the message you wish to bring to the world
  7. The Law of Attraction can work more easily as your connection to your higher self is more powerful and you will be more intuitive. The Law of Attraction states ‘Ask, believe, receive and take inspired action’ Asking your higher self, Angels, Ascended Masters, God or whoever is of a higher existence to you will be easier to communicate with.
  8. Aids relaxation and it is easier to meditate as you learn to balance your energy. This means that you can slow down and become more productive.
  9. You can use Reiki with your staff to help them understand their energy and how this links to health issues they may have. Everything can be healed if they want to do the work which means they would cost an employer less money as they would take less sick leave.

As discussed in my book, Are you worth it? A spiritual guide to managing your money mindset, it wasn’t until I wrote out my life history that I realised the impact Reiki had had on my life. I hadn’t been grateful for the shift of negative energy and the empowerment I had been given which lead me to getting back to full time work after having 2 years on sick leave.

Realising that life is an inside job was a revelation. I believed life happened to me, not that I was creating it. That said, you go through everything for a reason, even if you can’t understand why at the time and it doesn’t go how we think things should go, we can get annoyed as we want to make progress. We can’t see the higher picture of our lives and things will fall into place the more that you relax and release negative energy using Reiki. Reiki will help you shift the past that you are struggling to let go of.

Reiki is a magical tool which anyone can learn, however it is essential for you to do the mindset work too, so that you understand the thought processes and behaviours you need to change to make a difference in your life e.g. being more loving, non judgemental, being the real authentic you, etc. It is therefore recommended that tools such as Neuro Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy, Hypnotherapy and Emotional Freedom Technique are used to help you understand how your unconscious and conscious minds are working as they need to work as a team rather than apart.

The body has a series of energy points in it ‘Chakras’ and if you aren’t learning your life lessons, they can get blocked and not spin how they are supposed to. You want energy to flow. For example, you go to a network, and you need to say your pitch and you are anxious about saying what you do as a business as well as selling your services. This would relate to both the throat chakra and the solar plexus chakra. In your mind, the thoughts you may be experiencing may be ‘I’m anxious’ ‘I want to be liked and not judged’ ‘will they like me?’ or ‘can I get someone to understand what I am selling as I’m a bit confused about what to say or how to explain what I do’ The throat chakra is linked to communication and the solar plexus to your identity as well as your nervous system.

Previously if you have just had a Reiki session before, you maybe didn’t realise that there was so much to it. If you have a session of Reiki, you may just have felt relaxed and not realised your head was being worked on too! Dependent on your practitioner, you may not even be told about how Reiki is working on you and have understood that the practitioner has gone through substantial training to get to where they are now. Guidance from a Reiki Master should never be ignored as that person is basically a wise person. They have had a lot happen in life and learnt their lessons and are working with others to have a better life and experience. It is important to chose the right practitioner for you as you need to know consciously how to change your behaviour after your Reiki session, otherwise issues will return for you.

As mentioned in the video, being empowered to Reiki, you don’t have to have clients going forward as you go up the levels of Reiki. You can just do it for your personal and spiritual development. Never learn Reiki ‘online’ as you will not receive the empowerments correctly and you will not get the support you require to deal with the shifts of energy you experience. You need to work with a reputable Reiki Master who is qualified and insured to teach it. The online qualification also won’t be recognised if you decide at a later date to become a practitioner.

If you would like to become empowered to Reiki, get in touch with Liz by mailing her at or ring to have a chat on 07815 904848. Training is delivered as people come forward to wanting to learn with Liz, rather than course dates being published. More information about training can be found at:

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