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What impact is your cluttered house having on your mental health?

What impact is your cluttered house having on your mental health?
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What impact is your clutter having on your mental health?  As some of you reading this are aware, my Mum died in January 2012.  She was involved in a serious car crash and died 10 days later.  As you can imagine it was a big shock to my family as Mum had always been there to support us all.

2012 became my ‘annus horribilisas the Queen put it in 1992.  I was still working, but only really surviving from day to day.  Life seemed to just pass me by and I found it terribly difficult to get motivated to do anything.  Even things which would have previously given me much joy became a chore.  It was like walking through treacle.  Our beloved allotment suffered too and the weeds just took over.  It seemed like such a big task to work on.  Loss of any kind can be very traumatic and can really affect how you are feeling.

When I looked around my home, I could see things that needed fixing, painting, moving, dusting, but I just could get motivated to take action.  The more I looked around me, the more down I got.  I just felt stuck.

Suffering from depression is a horrible thing to happen.  I have suffered several bouts of it over my lifetime.  The good news now though is I know that I can change things for the better.  As they say, time is a great healer and having done some therapy on myself,  I started to get more motivated, and I painted the entire downstairs of my house, fixed anything that was broken, moved furniture about and decluttered. My house felt happy again!  I read up about the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui and started to apply the principles to my house to help the energy flow even better. It is making a big difference!

So, are you feeling stuck in some way? If you are, start small and just start decluttering, recycling, taking things to the charity shop/tip and see how much better you feel.  You will feel lighter and brighter and more energised. What impact is your cluttered house having on your mental health? Life is too short to not do anything.  Go on take action now!  Just a little step will make you feel better.

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