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Are you suffering from exhaustion?

Are you suffering from exhaustion?
As life progresses, we all have ups and downs, but sometimes during the down moments, you can find it really difficult to get back up again, as you find yourself with such exhaustion Tired woman yawningand you just don’t have a good reason for why you have it.  Sometimes you may get the urge to have a sleep in the afternoon and this regenerates you enough, but other times you might be sleeping  for hours during the day, with little motivation to get on with your life.
When I developed Chronic Pain Syndrome following an accident, I had two years off work.  The first 6 months of this, were pretty much spent in bed.  I was absolutely exhausted and I was not sure why, as I definitely hadn’t done any exercise to warrant the need to sleep so much!  As time went on, I did not need to sleep so much, but I had periods of time where I felt exhausted for no reason.  So what was causing it?
Fifteen years on, now that I have a much deeper understanding of holistic therapies, I understand that my exhaustion was linked to boredom and being resistant to change and move forward to live the life I really wanted to live.  I was a very quiet and shy person and really did not believe that I was destined to do anything great with my life.  I was wrapped up in my own world and not seeing how I was reacting to life, rather than actively taking part!
Spiritually, we all have a purpose in life and if you are not working towards that purpose, you will become bored and frustrated with life.  At the time of my accident, I was working many hours in a stressful job as a Catering Manager.  I knew I wanted to do something else, but I had no money to retrain to be a secretary, which was my dream at that time.  Basically, I was bored, but not making any effort to change things.
During my time off sick, I was empowered to Reiki.  Although I would not have attributed my success back then to being given this gift, I now realise that this gave me the energy that I needed to make the change as it works on you, Spiritually, Emotionally, Mentally and Physically.  Within 6 weeks of being empowered, I had got off benefit, and was training to be a teacher.  My relationship and money improved too.  Not bad for someone who was predicted by doctors to only have 70% of her function for life!
So if you are suffering from exhaustion and you don’t know why, ask yourself what can I do differently to change this situation and start to change negative thinking to being more positive.  Your past experiences will affect your thinking and the more you live in the present, the more you will see a change in your energy levels.  If however you find it difficult to change your thinking, then you may wish to work with a practitioner like myself to change unconscious behaviour which is sabotaging your success and your energy.

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