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How to gain Balance within your Business

How to gain Balance within your Business

Business v Personal Life

Being in business can be massively exciting but it also can be frightening and unstable too which can have a big impact on your mental health.  Getting the balance right between your personal and business life can be very challenging, especially when you are so passionate about your business and you want to help people with it as well as making a good income from it. 

You may have been stuck in a job which you hated or decided to go a different route in life due to becoming a parent or being made redundant and having a business makes you feel purposeful and valued again. Working too hard, being too busy and feeling unbalanced and like your life is out of kilter can be a sign of repressed trauma as you are always in the ‘doing’ mode rather than being able to properly rest and ‘Be’. We are human beings after all.

You have to acknowledge when in business that your personal life will affect it. You may have kids who suddenly become ill, you may suffer with ill health or your parents may be involved in an accident and are hospitalised suddenly. This will affect you emotionally and how balanced your life is. What you can do is change how to react in these situations, so that you feel more balanced.

A balanced life is a good life

So what can put your mind and energy out of balance?

  • Significant emotional events such as redundancy, bereavement, separation/divorce, parents going into care, ill health, financial issues, abuse, bullying, trauma from caring for dependents
  • Unresolved trauma from the past and insecurities of not feeling good enough due to events which have happened in your past such as abuse in your childhood, rape, adultery, etc as well as those happening whilst you are in business
  • Other people close to you being ill or unhappy as you have to care for them and may get embroiled in their emotional baggage
  • Anything which you are reacting to in life e.g. you have an argument with your Dad and you feel angry and resentful towards him or a client doesn’t pay on time and you feel worried about how to pay your bills and staff wages as you don’t have the money

What are the benefits of staying Balanced?

  • You will make calmer and more rational decisions about your business
  • You will feel more secure and grounded
  • You will create more deep and meaningful relationships with others – staff, networking buddies, suppliers, customers
  • You will discover and your life purpose to blossom without going off track
  • You will have more clarity and understanding of your life and how to make it meaningful
  • You will overcome procrastination and overwhelm which stops you in your tracks and keep you stuck.  You can then make the difference you want to make.
  • You will be spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically healthier

So what is a Balanced person?

The only person who can balance you in your business so that you feel happy and stable is you.  By learning powerful energy techniques you can shift the issues which put your mind and energy out of balance by consciously working on the issues.  By shifting the issues you will in turn feel more empowered and confident.  A balanced person is awakened to what is really out there in life rather than thinking life just happens to them and they can’t change their life.  They are consciously creating their lives and making positive adjustments to achieve their goals and dreams by becoming more self aware.

One key thing to realise when you have a business is that you are in charge of you and how you react in any situation in your home life or any business situation you are in.  You are going to have times when you are fearful, feeling insecure and overwhelmed which affect your confidence as well as times when amazing opportunities come your way including your finances improving as you have stepped out of your comfort zone to be the real authentic you.  You will find that you may procrastinate in doing tasks though which are good for you or sabotage your success.  This is due to hidden trauma which you are still carrying and which needs to be addressed to help you get back into balance. As a balanced person, you are a conscious creator of your life and what happens in your business.

Calm and serenity

Being mindful about your emotional health is key. 

Stress is a key factor as to whether you perform well or not at home or within your business.  When your autonomic nervous system becomes unbalanced due to information being fed to the brain via the vagus nerve, you and your life will be out of balance and you will feel out of kilter.  You may feel anxious, depressed and a bit low.  This is because your sympathetic nervous system has got stimulated and you end up in fight or flight mode and  you can’t find the way back to feeling balanced within the parasympathetic nervous system.  Your energy needs to be in coherence, which is in line with your heart beat.  (For more scientific information about this, read Mbraining by Grant Soosalu and Marvin Oka as it describes the how the heart, head and gut align within the body through breathwork).

You always want to be feeling positive emotions of joy, happiness, contentment, freedom, excitement, enthusiasm, etc rather than feeling emotions of shame, anger, frustration, loneliness, guilt, depression, anxiety, etc.  By feeling good emotions, you will be more in balance.  By continually working on how to bring in positive emotions into your life and to let go of the negative ones, you will find your life will improve and you will get more in balance.

The feelings of anxiety, anger, distrust, rejection and hopelessness when not addressed quickly enough, can massively affect your mental health and can culminate as depression over time if not addressed.  Depression is created from repressed emotions which need to be released from your energy system. As you release the negative emotions using holistic therapy techniques such as The Balance Procedure, Emotional Freedom Technique, Reiki, Mindfulness Meditation, etc, you will start to feel better and an improved and happier life will follow.

Let go of the past and live in the here and now

It is essential is to understand how to bring your mind into the present by letting go of the past including any traumas/challenges you have experienced and then create through visioning the things which you want to achieve in your life and business so that you are the happiest and which also allows you to serve and empower others to the best of your ability as this will allow you to be fulfilling your life purpose. 

Our subconscious mind is very powerful and often our thoughts override what is good for us due to overthinking and analysing situations.  This makes us more stressed and makes us more anxious.  The cards below are extracted from an energy tool called The Balance Procedure which works on your subconscious in an energetic way and they bypass the conscious mind so that you don’t have to talk about issues you are going through.  The symbols work on your subconscious as the shapes and colours on the card have an effect on your mind.  When you say the affirmations on the cards out loud, they are intentions you are setting to the Universe about what you desire – consciously creating.  Often if we are holding onto trauma and we will be out of balance on one or more cards.  With daily practice we can get our energy to no longer block our success, happiness and abundance and we can have a happier life.

Top tips to gain more Balance

  • Introduce a morning routine which sets you up for the day – Meditation, Affirmations, Visualising your day, Exercise, Journalling, Reading personal development books as well using the Balance Procedure cards if you have them.
  • Only read business/personal development books in the morning and on days when you are due to work, otherwise you will stimulate your mind too much and you will be thinking about work and ideas you have when you are supposed to be relaxing
  • Have set times off from your business every week e.g. The weekend or always switch the laptop/mobile off by 7pm and focus on personal priorities or fun activities for yourself
  • Organise different aspects of your life by using a calendar/scheduling tool and create mindful habits e.g. Create an accounts folder and file/process your accounts paperwork every day so that it doesn’t pile up
  • Have a place in your home to work that ideally you can walk away from for the day, so that you only become work focused in that space
  • Meditate every day, twice a day, even if it is just for one minute as it will help you release tension, negative energy and will give you more clarity
  • Use emotion releasing techniques such as meditation, breathing, Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping), The Balance Procedure, Reiki, etc to help your mind live in the present.
  • Prioritise self care for you on a daily basis e.g. a luxury bath, having a manicure, a yoga session, eating a meal you love, etc.
  • Never put your happiness ahead of your clients, staff or suppliers. When busy in your business, it is easy to just do another job but this can be at a cost to you personally and can affect other relationships such as significant others and family. If you can’t get work done on time, just send a message to the client and say you will get back to them.
  • Schedule regular holidays and keep to them. If work is offered to you in this time, decline it. Your rest and recharging will do more financially for you in the long run than any work that might be offered to you.
  • Automate as much as you can in your business without depersonalising communication with others – use schedulers, calendars, automatic response tools like Chatbot, email signatures, etc.

The nine signs to being a balanced person

According to Jenny Cox, creator of the Balance Procedure – an energy balancing tool based on a card and book system, there are nine signs to being a balanced person and the skillset they need to embody.  

1. Powerful Pioneers

2. Free, Flexible & Passionate

3. Authentic & Inquisitive  

4. Equal, Wealthy & Generous 

5. Creative & Successful –

6. Imaginative Visionaries

7. Spiritual, Intuitive & Psychic

8. Inspiring Alchemists

9. Intentional Creators

Each card from the Balance Procedure relates to areas of your life which you need to master such as Independence, Co-creation, Clarity, Love, Communication, Visualisation, Knowing, Transformation and Infinite Unity.

Who can the Balance Procedure be used with?

  • Yourself
  • Your friends, family and staff
  • Your pets

The theory is that perception is projection about everything you think, feel, say and do, so if you are perceiving anything outside of you as being negative, you are creating this.  With the Balance Procedure, you can balance your energy to release the negative you perceive in another person or your pet.  If you are picking up an issue in them, this is actually an aspect of you which needs to be healed.  You don’t need to ask their permission to balance them as you are actually healing yourself.

The Balance Procedure – an innovative and safe way to release stress and anxiety

The Balance Procedure is a completely safe technique and has recently been passed by the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence to be used in primary and secondary schools with children to help them with social, mental and emotional development.

The symbol cards and book can be purchased directly from Insightful Minds for £17.50.  The first level of training comprises of 4 hours online training, an ebook and the symbol cards and book and this is £100.  This training has 5 CPD points attributed to it.  If you continue up to Level 2 training, you will then be able to sell the books and cards to clients if applicable.

To book the training or to buy the cards and book, please email Liz at  Training is scheduled as you book to suit your needs.  For further information about the Balance Procedure and how to apply it in your life, please visit 

Liz Almond, the Mindset Shifter of Insightful Minds  07815 904848

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