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Are you creating anxiety and distrust issues accidentily in your business and home life?

Are you creating anxiety and distrust issues accidentily in your business and home life?

How much notice to you take about your behaviour every day? Do you notice how you are behaving in certain situations with clients, when you are networking or just in your home life?  Have you ever considered the impact your behaviour is having on your business, the profit you make and your relationships with others? anxiety and distrust

You may like to spend more time considering this, as you undoubtedly will be affecting the money you could be making in your business which will affect the positive opportunities which will be possible in your home life. When clients work with me, I am uncovering negative behaviours/limiting beliefs which is impacting on the money they can earn as well as helping them create the life that they desire at home including improving their relationships with their partners and family.  When you are a business owner, your family life and business life are one entity and need to be treated as such.  Issues at work will leak home and visa versa.  It is best to tackle issues as they occur instead of letting them build up.

My clients tackle a whole host of things which might be affecting their happiness which are causing them anxiety such as infertility, chronic ill health, poor relationships with family and partners, a lack of sex life, not being able to gain clients, sleep issues, being anxious about attending network meetings as well as being able to make money in their business. Health, Wealth and Happiness is linked in the mind, so it is necessary to look at your whole life and your behaviour to get the best results.

One behaviour you might like to look at is if you do what you say you are going to do, when you say you are going to do it? Are you creating anxiety and distrust issues accidentily in your business and home life?  Some examples of this in your business and home life could be:

  • Telling a client you will ring them back in 10 minutes but you don’t
  • Assuring a client that you will turn up at a certain time but there is no way you could make this deadline
  • Agreeing to meet a networking buddy for a meeting to see how you can help each other, but some work comes in, so you just don’t turn up or make an excuse about why you can’t make it
  • You book onto a free networking event, but something even better shows up, so you just don’t turn up. Well it was free wasn’t it!
  • Saying to your partner that you won’t work in the evenings after 7pm, but you are still on Facebook regularly after this time ‘working’
  • Telling your kids that they can go to Thorpe Park at Easter, but as Easter approaches, you realise that you are too busy, so you just brush it under the carpet and pretend that you haven’t promised to take them
  • You don’t talk to your partner about what money is coming in and jointly plan how to spend/save/invest it. Well you earned it, so why should they know what money is being made. It feels better to keep control of it by yourself and be ‘independent’
  • You regularly stay out drinking with your networking buddies until later than you say you will be. Your partner is ‘home alone’ and feeling lonely and ‘unloved’

The above issues all create distrust and anxiety in another. It is so important to only promise what you can deliver on.  Honesty is the best policy too.  If you can’t do something, give an honest reason why you can’t do it and try to see how you can help the other person gain what they need in another way. If you can’t provide your service for 2 weeks, then tell them this.  If you are worried about losing the sale, then you are operating from scarcity thinking and you need to work on your money mindset.  Whether you like it or not, people (adults and children) can sense a lie or distruth especially if they are trained in Neuro Linguistic Programming like myself, but most people can read body language to some extent.  When you are having issues relating to another person, this will be due to a distrust issue.  For example, you have promised to ‘pop round’ so many times, and not done it, the other person then ‘expects’ you not to turn up.  They have been let down too many times.  You have potentially created ‘distrust’ and anxiety in them depending on how sensitive they are.  You may have ‘disappointed’ them regularly especially if they were looking forward to seeing you or receiving your service.

Within your business and home life, set boundaries. Be clear with your clients about what they can expect from you e.g. your opening hours, how quickly you will be able to help them, payment terms and conditions etc. Your partner and family will thank you too, as they will be clearer about how they fit into your life.  You won’t be able to please everyone, but having a set of boundaries to work towards will make things easier. You have to stick to them though and be consistent. You will make more profit in your business as you will be happier and surrounded by supportive friends and family.  Do what you are going to do, when you say you are going to do it!!

If you feel you have some personal issues which are affecting your business and your happiness or you are struggling to change your behaviour or habits, then get in touch. I offer a complimentary discovery session where I can direct you to the most suitable service I offer whether that be 1-1 mentoring/coaching/therapy with me or one of my courses such as Neuro Linguistic Programming for Business, Mindfulness  Meditation, Are you worth it? (Money Mindset) or Reiki Training.  I also offer a free Tea & Business Start Up Wisdom session. Email me at or ring me on 07815 904848. There is a whole host of free resources on my website and you can join me on Facebook in my group The Money Mindset Academy.

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