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The link between the Full Moon and decluttering

The link between the Full Moon and decluttering

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Time to declutter to allow more good things into your life and the link with the Full Moon

If anyone had told me that my mood went up and down with the Moon years ago, I’ll be honest, I would have told them that they are mad!  How can the moon possibly affect my mood, how I am feeling and what I achieve in life.  Years on, there is just more and more evidence for me that I am definitely ruled by the moon and am sensitive to its phases.  Apparently as a Cancerian, my birthstone is Moonstone, so I guess this is the first clue and a recent astrology reading proved once again that I was very sensitive to the moon phases.  In my life, I have also had significant up days and down days and have suffered from depression as well as anxiety which was just unexplained.

According to Dr David Hamilton, ‘our biology is tuned into solar and lunar cycles. This is called chronobiology’.  In his book, ‘Is your life mapped out? Unravelling the mystery of destiny vs free will’ he discusses in great detail how the lunar system affects us and even discusses the fact that mental health workers note that the more disturbed a mental health patient is, the greater the moon’s effect on them.  In 1842, the Lunacy Act in the UK actually defined a lunatic as someone who was ‘rational during the first two phases of the moon and afflicted with a period of fatuity in the period following the full moon’.

In my experience, as we are approaching a full moon, people who are more sensitive start to feel more ill, moody and generally unsettled.  Most people don’t recognise why this is the case, but if you start mapping how you feel against the phases of the moon, you would soon find out if the moon is affecting you. Having worked with many depressed individuals now, they are definitely finding it harder to cope around a full moon and I am teaching them ways to get through it as you can change how you feel.  Whilst the moon can affect you, you can also consciously decide to feel another way by changing your thoughts.

So why am I telling you this?

Well… although the moon does definitely have an impact on us, we can change how we are feeling by changing our thoughts and our behaviour.  Now that I know I am sensitive, I acknowledge it, but I then find positive ways to feel happier and to change how I am feeling.  According to Feng Shui, decluttering is a way of bringing in new energy into your life and the Full Moon is the day to release anything you are done with ie to get rid of old energy.  Quantum Physics explains Einstein’s theory by telling us that all matter is made up of energy.  Everything is energy including our thoughts.  So if you change your thoughts to be more positive and start to ask for what you want rather than what you don’t want on a full moon, you will manifest more of what you would like.  The Law of Attraction will get to work. There is a link between the full moon and decluttering of your thoughts and energy.   This also links into the reason to meditate, as when you are meditating, you are aiming to have a clear, decluttered mind, empty of thoughts for the period of time you are meditating for.

Get rid of that clutter

Creating Wealth, Health and Happiness

So what are you worried about today? Money troubles, relationships are feeling a bit frayed? Are you frustrated with yourself and your lack of happiness.  If yes, start visioning in your mind now how you want it to be, see what you want to achieve and by when.  Create a vision board. Start cleaning your house and your car and decluttering anything you just do not need. By decluttering, you will also find that your financial abundance may improve too as you often find things you could sell when clearing up or find things which help you appreciate life more like treasured photos and possessions.  A clearer house and car, will allow your mind to feel calmer and just watch to see what good opportunities and things come your way.  Capitalise on the  link between the Full Moon and decluttering.

Enjoy the full moon… It is a magical time. If you would like to know more about working with me to help you declutter your mind or to you would like to attend my free money mindset workshops, please go to or email me at



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  1. Andrea killeen

    Thanks Liz This article is a most interesting & insightful & I can defo say it’s given me the confirmation on things I have often wondered about ,great read ,many thanks .

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