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Top Tips for How to Feel Happier and Wealthier….For Good……

Top Tips for How to Feel Happier and Wealthier….For Good……

Top Tips for How to Feel Happier… and Wealthier…For Good….. 

I’ve just read a newsletter by Chloe Stephens – and she summed up really well some top tips for happiness.  Chloe specialises in offering fitness boot camps and nutrition.  Her top tips which I wholeheartedly agree with are:

1. Appreciate –This is the simplest thing you can do to bring more positivity in to your life.  Be grateful for what you have got and appreciate the good things around you.  This is also a great way to turn an angry, sad or upset mood around into a more positive one.

2. Stop comparing yourself to others.  If you can’t then you may create unnecessary pain in your life.  Every single one of us has our own unique qualities that make us special.  Life would be so boring if we were all the same .

3. Realise that you can choose how you react –  You don´t have to live your life in reaction.  You have a choice.  There is always a gap between stimuli and reaction.  If you focus on that gap it will widen ..take time to think before you react.

4. Educate yourself. Self-education can be a great help to live a more positive life.  Read great books on the areas of your life you want to improve. A great book Chloe recommends is ‘Flip it‘ (how to get the best out of everything) By Michael Heppell.  Ask people with more success in that area than you, what they did to improve.

5. Act as if. Your emotions work backwards too. So even if you don’t feel positive, confident, calm or decisive you can act as if you are! And guess what ? You will actually start to feel positive, confident, calm or decisive.

6. Live in the now. Don´t let your thoughts drift into the past or future more than necessary.  It’s a classic way to start negative loops of thoughts in your mind. Learn to switch off that inner doubter in your head!

7. Do some mental practice. This is fab way to improve your performance and minimize anxiety in any situation.  Visualise the situation before you get there ..maybe it’s a job interview or a dinner date – prepare yourself by imagining a good outcome – this will help!

8. Focus on what you want, not on what you don´t want. One common problem is to focus your thoughts on what you don´t want rather than what you want.  If you do that then it will be hard to get what you want in life.  If you want to improve your finances then focus on having a great financial situation rather than your lack of money and your debts.  If you want to lose weight focus on being happy and healthy instead of moaning about being overweight – another example of ‘ flipping it!’

I am sure you would agree that these are great tips for happiness, however if you are really struggling to put this into practice or you really need someone to help you overcome anxiety and depression, then please do get in touch at or ring me on 07815 904848.

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