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Do you have a website you dislike or feel isn’t working for you? Do you have a website which really showcases your work and makes you money/attracts clients or are you selling yourself short? Is your website attracting the attention you feel it deserves?

Often we have created a website for our business because we think we need one and haven’t actually given it much thought when creating it. It hasn’t been written for our ideal client as you didn’t even know you needed to do this! This review will give you insight into you but also insight into what your ideal clients really need to see on your website.

What is included in the website review service:

  • A review of up to a 10 page website with feedback about what to change to improve your website so that your services are more obvious and attractive to potential clients
  • A written report of feedback of what needs to be improved on your website as well as suggestions of how to make you money from your website
  • The report will be with you within a week of signing up to the service

Cost of the Website Review Service

£30 for the review and report

How to book this service

To book this service, please email Payment will be taken in advance via BACS and an agreed date will be given for the delivery of the report

Follow up business mentoring and workshops

All clients who sign up to this service can have a follow up business mentoring session (in addition to the web site report) for £75 to explore the report in more detail and to gain further guidance about why the changes are needed and why they probably need to look more deeply at their personal vision, ideal client and business planning as this will inform the design of their web site.

If you are new in business or not getting the results you had hoped in business, you may wish to attend some online sessions to gain advice.

  1. Free Tea & Business Start Up Wisdom Session
  2. Business Essentials Workshop – How To Build a Profitable Business Both are running online.
Is your website stressing you?