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Awaken Package, Kent

You may well have tried other methods of getting yourself well and happy again but they just haven’t worked or you have gone back to your old ways.  You know that you are stuck in the past or are anxious about the future, but you just can’t get yourself sorted.  You maybe on medication and desperately want to feel better.  You may be sabotaging your business so much that your home life is suffering and you just need to get help to refocus, gain more clarity and hope.

You may be seeking to resolve trauma, to sort anger management issues, to build confidence and self esteem or to change negative habits and patterns.  Dealing with stress and depression can feel overwhelming especially when you are trying to figure out your life direction following redundancy, bereavements, divorce, separation or another life issue.
You may be looking towards improving your communication in your business and personal relationships, to learn anxiety management tools or to receive counselling skills on other issues bothering you such as overcoming addictions.

The Awaken Package will help you ‘awaken’ to who you really are and who you are meant to be.  You will awaken your Profit potential. You may have been suppressing who you want to be for a long time.  You may be feeling ‘not good enough’ in lots of ways at home and in your business and this is keeping you stuck. You may not know your purpose, and just feel so frustrated and angry not knowing how to help others with your skills.

Now is the time to Awaken the Visionary Within you and to start removing the trauma you are feeling and getting to the heart of who you are.  It is time to shift negative habits, emotions, patterns and beliefs to move forward and to build a successful and profitable business which helps you serve those individuals you are here to work with.  By doing so, you will peel back the layers and learn to trust and feel secure again.

If you have had a ‘hard life’ and suffered a lot, then just a little bit of relaxation isn’t going to cut it.  You need a professional to work with you, through the trauma, stress and anxiety to find the solution of calm, relaxation and you feeling more fulfilled.  It isn’t just one little fear that is holding you back in your business, it is a series of fears, anxieties, emotional pain or more deep seated depression.  You may have a chronic health condition, money issues or being going through a tough time at home which is affecting your business such as divorce, separation, menopause/mid life crisis or relationship issues.

The Awaken package allows you to have your past analysed for limiting beliefs, negative emotions, patterns and strategies which are burdening you and to empower you to gain a quick way to shift your mindset, so that you may feel better and happy and to start living your life once more.

Perfect for Entrepreneurs who are struggling with life at the moment (health, money or happiness issues) and who need in depth therapy/coaching to find their route to happiness again or you are sabotaging your success so much that you need a quick intervention to help you to stop.  You may have tried other therapies or had GP referred counselling/CBT already but haven’t been able to find the answer.  You are looking for a natural approach to get yourself healthy again without being medicated.   You may be wanting to lose weight, get rid of pain, feel happier and just feel lighter.  A combination of therapies will be used which suit you (Neuro Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Technique and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Reiki, Angelic Reiki, Spiritual readings – Angel Cards/Tarot).

The results you can expect are:

  • The intensity of the stress and anxiety will have significantly lessened or will have disappeared
  • You will have learned lessons about what has go on, so that you don’t attract an issue again
  • Living more in the present moment rather than the past or future
  • Emotional and physical pain will have disappeared and you will feel lighter
  • More clarity and direction for the way forward with decisions to be made
  • Improved communication within relationships – personal and business
  • You will understand your life purpose and how to move forward with it
  • You will feel more emotionally stable and be able to deal with issues as they arise in your business and life
  • More respect and self love for yourself plus more energy and enlightenment
  • A new level of relaxation you may never have experienced before and better sleep patterns

Book now without delay:

If you are holding any form of trauma from the past and you aren’t living in the present, then the negative emotions attached to the trauma – shame, guilt, hopelessness, anger, frustration, powerlessness, rejection, insecurity, distrust, anxiety, humiliation, etc will keep you burdened. You will struggle to get yourself into flow with your business and to have the energy to sustain your business.

Negative emotions create resistance in the body and will cause you to procrastinate, self sabotage and to be discompassionate to yourself.  If you use the sessions to release the negative emotions, you will allow more positive emotions to flow in the body and you will feel lighter, more relaxed and will have more clarity and intuition. By releasing negative emotions, you will more easily change your behaviour so that you love yourself more. You will have more energy and you will find it easier to manifest money and material things as abundance flows when you are feeling good.  You will feel worthy of having the business you are creating/developing.

What do you get with the Awaken package

  • An analysis of your spiritual path (your personal history), to uncover negative emotions, patterns, behaviours and strategies, so that you have a focus of what to change about yourself in your session and why
  • Combination of stress reducing therapies (NLP, Time Line Therapy, Hypnotherapy, CBT, EFT, Reiki/Angelic Reiki) at each session to target the issues in hand quickly with a very experienced practitioner
  • Three 3 hour sessions of ‘me’ time and being listened to
  • A relaxation meditation download
  • A follow up 30 minute phone call – one month on, to reflect and to assess results

If you are having relationship issues (business or personal), it is suggested that both parties sign up to the Profit or Awaken package, so that you can be taught how to communicate better with one another.

Investment:  £1200 for 3 x 3 hour sessions (plus 2 hours spiritual path analysis carried out before you arrive for your session and follow on phone call – saving £150)

NB. This investment is non-refundable when paid for.  Sometimes you can initially resist change (even though it is in your best interests) As this is a private rather than NHS service, I have costs and can’t be held responsible for your change of heart or resistance.  I promise you though, that the future is bright on the other side and you are worth the investment.) 

How to book:

Email Liz on to ask any questions and to book on.

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