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How good are you at getting video testimonials?

I just wanted to remind everyone how powerful a video testimonial is. It can be hard to pluck up the courage to ask your clients to do it, but they honestly want to help you especially if they think you are fab and that others should use your services.  Whilst written testimonials can be good, they can also be made up by some less scrupulous business owners (none of mine are by the way!!).

My advice is to ask your client if they would mind doing you a testimonial (the best time to ask is just after you have finished working with them and loving what you have done). Ask if they would be happy to be captured on video. Some people will be ok with this and others won’t. Some are happy to be filmed provided they are given notice (they want to do their hair and put make up on!). Try to book a date to do the testimonial with them when they are with you and make it happen, if they are not keen on doing it on the spot.

Capture the good work you have done, to help you in the future to get more clients/business. Written testimonials can be made up, but video shows you so much more. I captured this testimonial myself on a camera, so don’t worry that you need a video expert to help you! We had a few attempts, but got there in the end and had a few laughs which was good for the soul! What do you think?

P.S. Remember to share your videos – Facebook, Linked in, Twitter and place it on your website. You can also embed it in your email newsletter. If you are ever having a bad day, just go back and watch your testimonials and you will get the motivation to continue!! Good luck!!

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