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Have you systemised your knowledge yet?

Have you systemised your knowledge yet?

Have you systemised your knowledge yet?

Your heart centred gift for your clients or ‘tribe’

If you are a coach, consultant or health and wellbeing practitioner, it is worth asking yourself have you systemised your knowledge yet? Having struggled for years trying to make it clear to people about what I do and how, it had never occurred to me that I needed a system for potential clients who join up with me to follow, so that they understand what I offer and what is suitable for them and at what point. The system also gives them a logical path to follow when working with me which they then find easier.

If you are a business owner who has a logical occupation e.g. a mechanic, a hairdresser, a plumber, a printer, etc then you will have less problems as you build up your reputation as other business owners will refer you work.  For coaches, consultants and health and wellbeing practitioners, this is not the case. Often we find it difficult to deliver our pitches at network events as we do so much and find it hard to encapsulate it into 1 minute. If other business owners don’t ‘get’ what we offer as it is less logical, it can dramatically affect our income and our confidence. In the worst case scenario, our business goes bust or can suffer a loss in sales.

I struggled for years as I had all this wisdom to share, but some how I didn’t know how to package it up and share it in a way which made it coherent to the clientele I was trying to help.  The bottom line is that my training as a health and wellbeing practitioner, did not cover systemisation and therefore it was not something obvious that I thought I needed when I set out in business in 2011.  What I was offering to clients was not cohesive and was not defined to help my specific audience and their needs. We all have a unique gift to offer our specific ‘tribe’ or audience.  A heart centred gift of helping others with our knowledge and we need to find easy ways of sharing it with others and to be able to get our message out further to the people who need it.

But what is a system of knowledge or wisdom?

You have very defined wisdom within you and this can be packaged up to serve the audience you are here to serve.  I have my VISIONary system.  Based on the knowledge I know about spirituality, money mindset, business, health, empowerment and being happy, I have designed a 6 point system which helps business owners transform themselves by learning the skills and wisdom to have the business that they desire and to attract more clients.  My system also helps them to ‘upskill’ and add additional revenue stream to their business.

Whilst I have this 6 point system, with each point, there are mini systems which allow my clients to go even deeper. In fact, I have over 20 mini systems of knowledge that are embedded in all the 1-1 sessions and workshops that I offer, to ensure that my ideal clients (my tribe) really benefit from my wisdom. For example, within Visionary, I have 5 mini systems.  Intuitive has 2 mini systems, Spiritual has one system, etc.  You can then make acronyms of  the knowledge to make it easier for people to understand.

I have mini systems which spell out things such as ATTRACT (linked to attracting clients) PEACE (to help business owners get peace of mind) ACCOUNTS (to make sure all business owners understand all elements of doing their accounts and why).  You can then give each client need an overall title to give it more meaning.  I have ‘The Client Attracter’, ‘The Belief Changer’, ‘The Visionary Solution’.  It is all unique to you, your business and your ideal client and links to your life purpose and spiritual mission.  Since I created my main system and mini systems, it has been so much easier to write content for my Awakening the Visionary course and book.

As a child I was great at writing acronyms.  It was my way to remember knowledge for my exams.  Whilst I used it only memorising things for the short term, if you systemise your knowledge now, everyone will understand for good what you offer!! I love making them up for other people, so if you are struggling to create yours, let me know.  Prices start from £300 to create your system.

Pros of having systemised your knowledge

  • You can write a book more easily for a defined audience or ‘tribe’
  • You can direct clients/potential clients to elements of your system to help them specifically with a problem they are having
  • Your knowledge is broken down into sections which makes it easier to follow
  • The human mind likes logic and a system is very logical for your clients to be lead from one element to another.
  • It is easier to upsell, as you can show more clearly why a client may need an additional product or service (another mini system)
  • Saves lots of time and energy as you are writing for the right audience rather than for everyone.  You can articulate your message more succinctly which helps when doing public speaking or writing social media or PR content.

The bad news for me is that I’m working backwards!!! It would have been so much easier to have known that a system was needed at the start of my business after I had defined my ideal client.  I am having to embed the systems into my workshop materials and re-write content which is much more time consuming.  But then when has anything in business been easy for me.

I’m doing things backwards to get the wisdom to pass on to my clients!! So do you have a system or mini systems build around your clients needs?  Do you need my help? Get in touch if you do. I had help in drawing my system out of my head and you will need help too! If you are one of my clients and thinking ‘what system am I following?’, it will become clearer as time goes on. I’m introducing more literature into my sessions, so that you know what you are working on and why. I didn’t realise I needed to do it before and it is too complex to write to you about 20+ systems!! It will be much clearer when Awakening the Visionary Within is published!!

Anyway, for anyone needing my help, I offer complimentary 20 minute discovery sessions and am happy to help you learn more about systems during this session.  For those of you who have been struggling for a while in trying to get your message across to others about what you offer and why,get in touch.

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