Insightful Minds

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This group meets on every third Wednesday morning each month between 10-12pm. There is a £5 donation on the door, payable to Ledian Gardens toward the refreshments and venue. ONLY card payments taken. No cash.

This support group is newly formed and led by multi award winning therapist, coach and best selling author, Liz Almond, The Mindset Shifter. Liz is passionate about sharing her knowledge about wellbeing and relaxation tools as well as empowering carers who are struggling with stress, anxiety, depression, overwhelm and other challenges which come from their caring role. Liz is also trained in delivering NHS carer health checks, so can impart wisdom if you are concerned about your blood pressure, stress levels or weight, Liz will be able to assist you as well as sharing information about benefits you may be entitled to.

The group has three principles for those who attend:

  • Share knowledge about staying healthy and using wellbeing methods to stay in flow and happy
  • Connect with others to reduce loneliness and the feeling of being disconnected and alone
  • Inspire those who attend to take a more active approach in their own wellbeing as well as providing new relaxation methods to help reduce stress and anxiety

This group is intended to be a beacon of positivity for those who are in a caring role. This may well be an unpaid caring role, someone in a caring role where you are supporting another or for those who are in professional role as a carer but they feel they need more support. Whilst negativity can occur whilst caring, you will be encouraged to keep your conversations light.

As the group grows, each month there will be a speaker to share some wisdom and insight to keep you inspired and positive. Hopefully speakers will be introduced in the autumn of 2023.