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Six of earth Taken from Doreen Virtue – Angel Tarot set Credit: Doreen Virtue Angel Tarot Oracle Cards

Tarot/Angel Card Readings in Kent

£50 for an hour long reading.  Book by emailing Liz at 

Paypal link to pay in advance

You may have read my book ‘Are you worth it? A spiritual guide to managing your money mindset’ and really want to work with me but how?  At the moment, you haven’t managed to break your money mindset patterning and you need help to manifest the money! All my resources are designed to help you fund working with me, so make sure you use them and do the exercises in the book!

Book an angel or tarot card reading with me to gain insight into your personal and business life about what might be keeping you stuck, stressed and unhappy. I can give you guidance in what you need to change to be happier, healthier and wealthier.

Perfect for any individual who need more clarity, direction and focus in their life and/or business.  You may be feeling a little lost, stressed and stuck and not know which way to go in life and/or business.

What is an Tarot/Angel Card Reading?

As soon as you start your own business, you have to start working on your own mindset and confidence. It’s a fact. Part of what you have to address is your spiritual mission and what your purpose in life is and how this applies to your business.  Using both Tarot and Angel Cards as a guide, I deal the cards and give you guidance from what I see.  The advice can help you gain focus, clarity and direction about issues in your life now which are affecting the success of your business.

I use cards to read your energy psychically and to relay to you what information I am picking up.  Often my clients say, that’s what I’ve just been thinking about.  This isn’t a surprise, as you actually do have all the answers yourself and I just help give you the confirmation and the confidence to take action.  I use my wealth of personal and business experience to help you see the way forward and the action to take.

The results you can expect from your Angel/Tarot reading are:

  • Actions to take to move your business forward and to help you to focus on the direction to go in
  • Clarity about the next steps to take in your business
  • Identification of life purpose/spiritual mission (if life purpose is worked on)
  • Advice about how to change your money mindset to gain the results you are looking for
  • Guidance on how to be happier, healthier and wealthier

How do I book?

  • Phone Liz on 07815 904848 or email at  and book a 60 minute session – Skype, Zoom or in person
  • Discuss issues which are stopping you in your business and record the advice given
  • Only 2 readings per year will be given as in depth business support mentoring will be required

Investment:  £50 for 60 minute session (or you can find me at different health and wellbeing fairs for a taster)

Group parties:  You may book me for a group party.  This is for a minimum of 6 people to attend.  £20 for 20 minutes per person.  Payment in advance is needed. 48 hour cancellation policy.  Travel expenses will also be payable dependent on location.


In alignment with UK law – these readings are for entertainment purposes, however the business guidance given throughout the reading is based on my wisdom and experience in business as well as my extensive therapy and coaching experience.  I am a qualified reader of both tarot and angel cards and complete regular psychic development to ensure my practice is professional.  I am also insured by Balens Insurers to carry out readings.

Liz Almond Kent Women in Business Finalist

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My reading today was insightful and confirmed a number of processes that I was aware had begun to surface for healing.  The information given was heart felt and accurate and the angel messages were delivered in context.  The framework used was clear to follow and I have a vivid image of where I am going. Bright blessings. Jenni Johnson – Transformation Coach

Liz’s intuitive interpretation of my Angel cards today has given me reassurance that I am not only on the right path, but that I can move forward with confidence. Liz identified several key messages for me within the cards that I will definitely use to make the changes I need to reach my goals and live a more content and purposeful life. Thank you Liz. x Hayley File – Reflexologist

I feel very blessed to have a reading with the highly intuitive Liz Almond. She amazes me with her accuracy in both reading me and the cards that presented.  Please book to see her if you would like some guidance and direction in moving your life/business in your desired direction.  Thank you so much Liz, beautiful setting, just a lovely all around experience. Mel Smith – Property Services

This is a brilliant reading, everything you said illustrate my blocks perfectly, and the advice you gave is invaluable for me and the future of the business. The reading was very professional, everything was flowing.  Thank you so much, it’s not just a reading but also a lot of great advice. Blandine English – Healer and Therapist

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