Insightful Minds

Fees and Appointments

Initial Telephone/Zoom Consultation (15 mins) free

Remote Reiki Healing (60 mins) £50

Angel and Tarot Card Readings (60 mins) £50

Online Be Happier Course £47

Trial Coaching Session (60 mins) £75 (50% off)

The Balance Procedure training – Level 1 £100 Level 2 £250

RELAX Coaching/Mentoring/Therapy Session Package (3 x 60 mins) £450

VISION Coaching/Mentoring/Therapy Session Package (6 x 60 mins) £900

AWAKEN Coaching/Mentoring/Therapy Session Package (12 x 60 mins) £1500

All sessions are offered via video link via Zoom/Skype or Messenger. Payments may be made in by BACS or via PayPal. A combination of mindset and energy therapies are carried out.  If you don’t like one particular therapy, then I can change to another.  The sessions are to help you feel lighter so that you can bring the laughter back into your life and to see a way forward out of your grief and depression.

If you aren’t ready for therapy/coaching yet, then consider having a regular Befriending call to keep you connected and to have someone to share how you are feeling with.

Information to consider…..

Each individual is unique.   It is important that you work in the right way for your needs.  I combine different mindset therapies and coaching into working with you. If however, you are not looking for therapy, and would like pure coaching then I will tailor my approach to meet your needs.  I can take a very logical approach, or if you like a more spiritual slant, then I can tailor the sessions towards this too.

Successful therapy requires a commitment to treatment and a desire to change, and goals can be achieved more quickly when clients are open and receptive to the idea of positive thinking.

There is no obligation to continue after the initial 15 minute consultation, if you feel that we would not work well together.  The trial session is reduced to give you an incentive to try me out.  Often unless you have tried a therapy, you won’t be able to understand if it is right for you as it has to be experienced.

Due to the nature of our work together and the level of self sabotage my clients often experience, payment made is final and there is no refund. This is to show commitment and to help you finally tackle your inner demons without bailing out. Together we are a team and it is my commitment to you that I will show you how you can be happier and to move forward from your grief and loss.


I am available for appointments and enquiries from:

Monday to Saturday between 9am and 8pm.

48 hours notice is required for all cancellations and rescheduling of appointments or the full session fee will be charged. No exceptions.  Postponed appointments are an agreement that you are going ahead with the service provided. Payment is non refundable.