Maths Phobia Hypnosis Download

Is maths a problem for you? Do you struggle to do anything maths related in your business? Are you more of a ‘words’ sort of person?

If you are, you probably have the Maths Phobia.  Why might you want to get rid of it? Because if you can’t do numbers in your business, you potentially will go out of business, will not naturally focus on mathematical things in your business e.g. adding numbers to your business plan, projecting numbers in your mind, calculating expenses and costs to ensure you make a profit, etc.

Who it is not for: someone who is good at maths and who diligently works out their finances regularly.

The results you can expect from your maths phobia hypnosis download are:

  • A deeper confidence about numbers and looking at your finances without fear
  • More relaxed about completing number related tasks in your business
  • Improved profits as you are more focused on making a profit and you are more aware of the numbers behind your business success.
  • More organised and structured in your business as financial matters are regularly dealt with.

What next?

  • Download the file and listen to it for 20 minutes every day for 30 days.

Investment:  £9.99


For more information: Phone Liz on 07815 904848 or email at

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