Love and Accept Yourself

A series of personal development courses and workshops are available to help you quickly and so that you can work at a speed/time that works for you.

Current e-courses available

Be Happier – Allow the laughter to return – The 7 steps to becoming happier is perfect for anyone who would knows that they need therapy, can’t access it yet but are ready to learn some empowerment techniques to help them feel better. It is packed with resources to help anyone who is struggling at the moment and would like to feel happier.  It is purposely only £47 to help as many people as possible.

Learn How to Meditate  is perfect for someone who is an overthinker and who wants to slow down and learn how to meditate, so that they can enjoy and relax into meditating on a regular basis. Special offer of £10 currently.

Group Therapy (Online)

To be introduced soon – online group Tapping for Health (EFT) sessions. The ability to work with and support other people suffering from grief, anxiety and depression.

If you are interested in finding out more about taking part in group therapy, contact Liz on and you will be advised about start dates and booking details.