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Why ignoring the menopause could be bad for your business

Why ignoring the menopause could be bad for your business

Why ignoring the menopause could be bad for your business

With Christmas been and gone so fast, there almost certainly is an air of change, moving on and transitioning into the new year.  It is also a time where you are thrust into situations were relationships are tested as you are spending more time with your loved ones than you usually would do. Now for some this is a fantastic time, however if you haven’t been maintaining your relationship with your significant other over the years, this is where tempers may start to fray and you might start questioning whether you still love each other.  Sadly, there are often more bereavements around this time of year and you or your staff members may be feeling this negative effect.

So what has this got to do with the menopause? Well the menopause is a transitional time for men (andropause) and women (menopause) where they will be seeking to feel fulfilled and to make their lives as happy as possible as they will be much more aware of the aging process.  Both men and women are finding their feet, post children growing up and potentially leaving home as well as having to deal with the stresses of aged parents – potentially going in a home or becoming sicker and more of a burden.  They potentially have more time on their hands and are becoming more reflective about life and if they are happy.  Relationships around them at home and at work will be assessed.  This whole transition can be a very emotional time, with mood swings, crying, hot flushes, insomnia, weight gain, etc.  If emotional  issues from the past or in your current life are not tackled, then you will have a harder transition through menopause.  Emotional issues need to be tackled and put to bed.

Whether you are a solo business owner or a business owner with many staff, you need to take note of yourself and your staff who are transitioning between the ages of 40-60, as it often isn’t an easy time which can cost a business a significant amount of money, if not handled effectively.

How a business can be affected if not acknowledged

  • Staff members will be taking time off sick with chronic ill health or depression as they haven’t dealt with life issues – significant costs involved in covering staff away on sick leave or managing unhappy and demotivated staff
  • As the business owner, if you have a lack of focus and concentration, you will take your eye off the ball and profits will drop
  • As the member of staff, if you have a lack of focus and concentration at work, you could cost your employer thousands as you make a mistake such as not following up on client issues, missing a deadline, making mistakes in your work, etc.
  • Staff members can feel unvalued and start questioning if they are in the right role at work.  As a demotivated member of staff they are a liability
  • A depressed member of staff can be a liability.  They can be very angry and without help this can turn soar.

What to consider as a business owner when transitioning the menopause yourself 

  • Ask yourself, how well am I looking after myself?  Am I having regular time off to rest and relax?  Am I continually stressed?
  • If you are you suffering with lots of menopausal symptoms – are you seeking help or ignoring whats going on? There are lots of holistic therapies which can help reduce and eliminate menopausal symptoms.  Use both medicine and holistic therapies to get the best support.  Doctors are not a specialist in the menopause, so seek out an expert to help you
  • Join a menopause cafe or online forum for menopause to gain support
  • If you are experiencing procrastination, feeling stressed or overwhelmed, then get help from a therapist.  Your mind is precious and your business is being visioned from it.  If you overload your mind, you will struggle with sleep and will find it harder to focus on your business.  Practice mindfulness meditation.  Don’t leave yourself in this situation, get help quickly.
  • Consider relationship coaching if you are finding it challenging with your partner.  As you get older, your values change and its important to grow together and to vision your life going forwards.  If ignored, its much harder to fix a relationship or to leave as you might feel you can’t afford to leave the relationship, so stay in an unhappy situation which is not good for you
  • Read the free guide on how to overcome your menopausal symptoms naturally

What to consider if you have staff

  • Ensure you have a Menopause policy in place which covers both men and women.  Menopause is covered by the Equality Act 2010 and reasonable adjustments must be made for staff who are finding work challenging.
  • Plan ahead.  Look at the age profile of your staff and plan to support them, so that staff members feel valued. Don’t ignore an impending problem, thinking that it will go away. It will cost you more in the long run.
  • Pay for them to have menopause coaching/therapy.  They will value your support and will be able to cope more effectively with the changes they are going through.  Paying for to help them, will be rewarded by your staff member being happier, more motivated and feeling loved by their employer. They will work harder, be more focused and will make less mistakes.
  • Consider running a menopause support group at work and menopause training if you have many staff transitioning at one time.
  • Ensure you notice the signs which could be leading a person into depression and anxiety – multiple bereavements, parents going into care or having dementia, kids leaving home.  Support the member of staff and make sure they know they have someone they can talk to confidentially.

If you are suffering with menopausal symptoms and would like to find natural solutions without medication to having the happier and pain free life, then get in touch for a free consultation at or ring 07815 904848.  Relationship coaching is also available.  I work confidentially with both business owners and their staff members. 



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