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Is money your friend or your enemy?

Is money your friend or your enemy?

Is money ‘the enemy’ in your eyes?

I ask the question as many people I meet seem to see money as something really negative (the enemy) and therefore this can be reflected as to whether they have money or not.  When I elicit their beliefs about money, often there are some very negative thoughts around it such as ‘money is corrupt’, ‘it is greedy to have money’, ‘you shouldn’t make money from healing someone’, ‘money is the root of all evil’, ‘rich people are not good people’, etc.  It is always a surprise to find out what someone is saying to themselves about money and how this is affecting their interaction with it.

Now you might be wondering…. how do I elicit my money beliefs? Well the quickest way I have found is to quieten your mind for a moment, then ask yourself the question ‘Money is…..’ Write down the next 10 statements that come to mind without editing them.  When I did this the first time, I got a bit of a shock!  I had Money is dirty, Money is powerful and I am not, Money is elusive, etc.  I had really negative programming around money.  Not a surprise really when I think about it, as my parents had always struggled to support four children and money did not appear to be abundant. We never really wanted for anything, but money always seemed to be in short supply. I also had a childhood friend who I thought was richer than me as she  had expensive gifts bought for her by her Mum and grandparents. I used to compare myself and what little money I had to what she had. I now realise that I was rich in many ways, but that is not how I saw it at the time and the negative programming has underpinned my opinion about money for many years.  My friend actually did not have as good a life as I perceived. Her Mum was a single parent and a nurse who did nightshift.  My friend lived with her grandparents during the week and was given gifts to make up for the lack of attention she received.   She was actually very

Are your beliefs positive or negative? Now that you have your money beliefs, look at them and decide is the statement positive/negative/or balanced.  You will see how positive or not your view about money is.  As the Law of Attraction works from positive language, clearly you need to change the negative beliefs into positives.  For example, if you are saying ‘Money is powerful and I am not’, reframe it. ‘I am powerful with or without money.’ or ‘Money is elusive’ can be reframed as ‘Money comes to me in growing amounts consistently every day.’  Now if you don’t believe these new statements, this means that you are holding onto some negative emotional issue from the past which you need to resolve.  If you can’t delve into it yourself and resolve it, then go to see someone who can retrain your mindset.

How to see money in a more positive light

Once you have got to grips with changing your beliefs to be more positive, you need to see how you can make money your friend rather than the enemy.  When we avoid problems such as rising debt, not making money from our business, or under charging for our services and we are not honest with ourselves, we are subconsciously pushing money away.  It is important to see that Money is far more than the physical resources that we put in our wallet.  Abundance comes to us in many ways.  It is all linked to how we are thinking as we create everything in life from how we think and the pictures we create in our minds.  In the mind, you can either think from Scarcity or Abundance.  Scarcity thinking would be the negative thinking mentioned above as well as how you limit joy and happiness in your life.  For example, when I felt I could not replace my car in the past, I limited myself to only driving in Maidstone. I drove an old car and I was fearful that it would breakdown.  I limited my opportunities to being Maidstone based and did not look fll or opportunities outside of Maidstone.  Mad really, but I didn’t have the finances to buy a new car or to fix my old one, so in my mind, the safest option was to stay in one place, so it was easier to be rescued! I was living from Scarcity….Abundant thinking would be to ask myself how can I earn more money from my skillset to enable me to buy a car? What goals do I need to set? What images do I need to put on my vision board? I could have meditated around what I have in life already rather than what I did not have as well as being grateful for all the opportunities coming my way. The best advice I can give you is treat money as you would a friend. For example, with respect, fun to be with, easy to be around, organised get togethers so that you regularly keep up to date and always giving them a warm welcome.

How regularly do you look at your business and personal finances?

If you are not regularly looking at your finances and ignoring payment dates and how to save money by not incurring charges, you are heading down the wrong route.  This is the route of Scarcity, Anxiety and potential bankruptcy. By taking ownership of your finances and getting them in order, you will find that the universe will start sharing opportunities with you which will earn you money.  Set a regular time to do your accounts and to pay your bills.  This needs to be a habit, so make sure  you don’t give up too soon. Remember that personal finances and business finances both need to be keep up to date and be kept separate.  Key signs that money is not flowing right in your business is if your tax return is filed in January – close to the self assessment deadline (rather than last April),  if your bills sit in their envelopes unopened, if your receipts are not up to date, you haven’t written down your mileage regularly, you aren’t tracking the cash flow in your business and you don’t track where business comes from and what income it brings.  The more you focus on the numbers aspects of your business, whether this be your accounts, the number of web site hits you have or the income you need to generate to meet a financial goal, the more the universe will present you opportunities for work or earning money.

Want to learn more?

To learn more about how to be abundant in life and to change your attitude to money and the stresses in life, you may wish to use the Money Mindset workbook How to manifest more money into your life or come on one of my money mindset workshops/courses. If you are in debt, don’t worry. One of the workshops is free!  I also teach meditation and Reiki on a 1-1 basis.  Of course, if you are feeling stressed and need some spiritual guidance, I am more than happy to work with you individually to help you understand the issues you have now and to help you move forward with ease.  All information can be found at or you can ring me on 07815 904848 or email  #moneymindsetworkshops #themoneyattractionangel


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