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How to Manifest Money – E-courseHow to manifest money into your life

Often we can want something in our life such as more money but we just don’t know how to manifest it.  It can be frustrating, it can be stressful and sometimes we need to be shown how to manifest money.  I know I did! I thought it was easy and had no idea how I was blocking its flow subconsciously. I’ve learnt so much since I experienced my money troubles, and I want everyone else to know how to get money flowing for them too.

Perfect for any individual who is struggling to manifest money or what they desire in their life.  It is important to unpick your belief system about money and your own self worth.  There are many different reasons why money can not flow (it is an energy after all) and you need to understand yourself and how you are interacting to uncover your own blocks.  In the course, there are 5 main elements:

M anifestation techniques

O wn your money story

N ourish yourself

E nergy

Y ou

The course is packed with resources such as videos, audios, meditations and handouts to help you understand your interaction with money and to help you manifest more.

The results you can expect are:

  • A structure to use to manifest money or items you desire
  • Attracting new opportunities to make money by focusing on it and your interaction with it
  • A new understanding of your personal interaction with money and an action plan of what you need to change to get money flowing more fluidly for you

What do you get with the e-course?

  • An e-course you can access in your own time and work through at your own pace.
  • Access to an e-course you can return to if you need to review an element.
  • Top advice and guidance to help you manifest a specific amount of money you desire.

Investment: £99

How to book: Click on module above to sign up.

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