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How to change your money mindset

How to change your money mindset

Are you looking at the contents of your bank account now and thinking where has all the money gone and how am I going to pay for Ostricheverything before I get paid again? Are you feeling stressed and anxious at the thought of how you are going to string out the rest of your money until you get paid again.  You realise this is the same position you were in last year, and just like last year you are determined to change it.  Are you being an ostrich when it comes to money?

If this is a pattern in your life, then you have clearly need to change.  The only person who can change is YOU! The key is to know how to change your money mindset so that you do have money left at the end of the month and you can achieve the personal and business goals you have set for yourself.

Are you among the many people, who are experiencing this post-Christmas effect anxiety over money. You are paid a good wage or earn good money from your business, but you just have nothing left each month to spend on things that you really want to do in 2016.  If yes, then I want you to commit to changing now.  Not just lip service…. actually noticing how you are interacting around money and making a decision to change. NOW!!!!

What are your thoughts creating?

Whether you like it or not, you will either living from scarcity or abundance in life within your mind.  You have been programmed from your past, to either be abundant around money and gaining opportunities or you will believe that money is always scarce and that you can’t afford things.  If your parents and significant others who brought you up as a child, talked about a fear of money and not having enough and being able to afford things, you are likely to still be conditioned this way, unless you have taken action to change your beliefs.  It is time to change.  Live from abundance….. Change your thoughts to be positive around all money related things.  Look at your bank account, even if it has nothing in it, and be ok.  Look around you and see what free things there are in life which can also bring you joy such as friendship, love from another, opportunities, sex, walking in the park, stroking a pet or listening to music on the radio.  Be grateful for what you do have rather than what you don’t have.

Rhonda Byrne from the inspirational film and book, ‘The Secret’ says:

Think more thoughts in a day of abundance than a lack of money, Be happy now without the money, Be truly grateful for what you have now and Give the best of yourself to others.

Changing your thoughts will change your life. Appreciate yourself and what you do have.

If you would like more help in overcoming anxiety and stress around money and in life in general, I work 1-1 with individuals as well as running courses to help you achieve more peace of mind, better health and a happier, stress free life.  I have a Mindfulness Meditation course starting on 4th January, a Reiki Level 1 course on 17th January, and Are you worth it? on 19th January.  For more information and how to book, go to  My book Are you worth it? A spiritual guide to managing your money mindset for business owners will be out on 19th January 2016. It is suitable for anyone wanting to release themselves from financial negativity, not just business owners. It can be pre-ordered. More information can be found here:

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