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For business mentoring/support, get in touch by emailing Liz at or phone 07815 904848.  A complimentary 15 minute consultation is in place. Your first hour session with me is half price so that you can try me out. It is £75 instead of £150 per hour.

Statistics compiled in 2016 by the government show the number of businesses has jumped by 2m since 2000, rising from 3.5m to 5.5m. However, most of these employ fewer than 10 people and a rising proportion are sole proprietorships.  Every new year, the amount of new businesses increase, often when individuals can’t face going back to their jobs which they hate and they think that having a business is the change they need as it will be easier.

A large proportion of these new startup business owners will be menopausal (aged 40-60 male & female), however they won’t realise that this transition in life will impact on the success of their business and their profits.  They will start their businesses with enthusiasm and excitement, however most businesses, don’t make it past the first year for a variety of reasons:

  • lack of business planning
  • poor marketing and not tailoring business to an ideal client
  • inability to network effectively
  • being unable to maintain cash flow
  • mental health and physical health issues
  • self sabotage and procrastination
  • inability to sell their own services/products
  • feeling insecure by having a lack of knowledge of how to make their business work which makes them feel like a failure.

As a new business owner, all your insecurities, fears and worries come to the forefront when you step forward to building your business, whether that is a fear of public speaking, fear of going on facebook lives or being videoed or deeper fears of failure or success.  If you have had or have chronic ill health/depression or mental health issues in the past, you will be carrying with you repressed negative emotions which can stop your success.

You need to be investing 10% of what you earn into your own personal development and mentorship.  You will need support and getting the right business support at the right time, means that you will be able to tackle issues as they occur and have someone to share your fears with.

Imagine how it would be that by getting business support when you are starting your business or if you start finding it hard to move forward as you are procrastinating, or feeling fear for the future, that you can release all those fears, anxieties, and worries and know that what you are putting in place will work and is realistic.  Your business will not be one which is failing.

For business mentoring, get in touch by emailing Liz at or phone 07815 904848.