What is Money Mindset and Why Do You Need to Sort It Out?

What is Money Mindset and Why Do You Need to Sort It Out?

What is Money Mindset and Why do you need to sort it out?

Your beliefs about money will ultimately bite you on the bum at some point in your life, if you don’t give money or yourself value and recognition.  Your money mindset and habits need to be positive and this can take courage, conviction and willpower to sort them out.  If you don’t look after money and have bad habits around money such as getting into debt, spending money on things which won’t help you stay well and happy e.g. overeating, gambling, drinking excessively, smoking, taking drugs etc, you will experience a more negative life.  What most people don’t realise is that they have been programmed by those who were significant to them in childhood such as parents, grand parents, teachers and religious leaders.  The good news is, this programming can be overturned.

Your mind is made up of positive and negative thoughts which formulate your mental health.  The key is to always be focused on being positive (Have Only Positive Expectations – HOPE).  By learning to trust your intuition about what to do about money and by nourishing your own needs by putting your happiness first in all aspects of your life, you will overturn decisions (or limiting beliefs) you have made which are stopping you from earning the money you desire to have the life you wish to lead.  The key to money mindset is to always live your life on purpose (until you discover your purpose), and to actively work towards being happy in the moment and being fulfilled.

By paying attention to your senses, emotions and thoughts you will understand whether you are truly happy or not in different aspects of your life e.g. relationships, bringing up children, fitness, health, etc.   Looking after your health is paramount to your success in to attracting wealth into your life.  If you are having negative thoughts, emotions or thoughts, you need to use techniques such as Neuro Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, Mindfulness Meditation and Self Hypnosis to shift this negative energy as it will be stopping you from earning the money that you desire.  If you are overweight, you are almost certainly holding onto emotional issues from the past which you need to let go of.

There are four aspects to your health which can affect your money – Spiritual, Emotional, Mental and Physical. You may have to change your behaviour about loving yourself and accepting yourself so that you know that you are worth it and good enough to have money.  By shifting the negative thoughts and emotions, you will feel lighter and brighter and it is much easier to manifest the money you desire when you are lighter. The heavier you are emotionally (eg. anxious and depressed), the harder it is to make money.  Your body is energy and therefore you need to keep it moving and be flexible. If you are too stubborn or not willing to change your approach to earning money or in looking after yourself, you will feel stuck and demotivated.

You want to monetise your money by understanding the value of money and where your values come from and ensuring that they are positive. It is about being non-judgemental about whether other people have money or not. Often people have limiting beliefs about wealthy or ‘posh’ people, which are stopping them from earning money themselves.  They look at what another person has and compare themselves and what they have to others and often believe that they can’t be rich or wealthy at all.  How does someone become ‘rich’? Yes, they may inherit wealth, but often they have ‘made’ their money, by being entrepreneurial and by helping others.  It actually takes a particular mindset and set of money habits to become ‘financially’ rich.

We can have deep spiritual beliefs which affect our thoughts and behaviour.  For example, you may believe that you should not charge for giving healing to another or that taking payment for something is wrong as the service you provide is so easy and quick for you to provide.  Everyone deserves to make money though regardless of what profession they are in.  When you see a lawyer, you pay them. When you have your car fixed you pay the mechanic and therefore when you pay for healing (or health related service ie. non-nhs), you should pay for it as you are valuing that service you receive and showing appreciation by paying.  By paying for something, you are showing the Universe that you are grateful for being given the gift of money to share with another.

By transforming the negative energy and emotion you are holding around money, you can become lighter and brighter and earn more money.  By uncovering your beliefs about money and other limiting beliefs which you are holding to be true (which formulate ‘your truth’), you will discover your truth.  Your own belief system is in alignment with your spiritual mission.

By managing money effectively and understanding it’s importance, you will have more success.  If you fritter your money away on unnecessary items or ’emotionally’ spend money, this will affect your success.  You may have money lessons in life to learn, such as giving to charity, receiving money, gifts, compliments, love etc or how to manage money such as using a bank account effectively, investing, saving money, etc.  Being appreciative and grateful about money as well as your health, is one of the quickest ways to make money.  I share lots more methods in my book ‘Are you worth it? A spiritual guide to managing your money mindset.’  

We are all rich.  Our health is our wealth and money comes in different shapes and forms – physical money, gifts, discounts, gifts in nature, etc.  The bottom line is that everyone has the same opportunities to make money as everyone else as we are all equal.  You need to be expansive about making money and not just trying to earn enough to pay the bills.  It is about fulfilling your profit potential.  By valuing your worth.  As you uncover the ‘true you’ and are authentic, you can start to sell products and services which will make you money.  You may be employed with a little business on the side or be fully self employed.  You also need to become better at numbers in your mind and project how much you want to earn and work out how to make it happen.  The Universe will provide and the law of attraction will come into play when you Ask, Believe, Receive and take inspired action to make money.  Remember your thoughts are very powerful!

Scarcity v Abundance

Your mind works from one of two places when it comes to money.  Scarcity or Abundance. You either feel that you never have enough money and are fearful around money or you feel abundant and happy and know that you will always have enough money.  Someone who is feeling scarcity will have very negative money beliefs, will be a very anxious, depressive and judgemental person (they won’t realise it) and will find it difficult to make money.  Someone who is abundant will be feeling more secure, happy, will be non judgemental and they will take an active approach to ensuring that they look after their money and health.  Which one are you?

Are you a Visionary?

Do you have a Vision for your life?  If you don’t have a plan for how you would like things to be, how can the Universe provide what you desire? You need to live your life on purpose and with passion.  By following your passion and doing work that you love, you will make more money.  By having a vision your life will be more purposeful and fulfilled.  It is important to become more visionary by planning what you would like to achieve over your life and working out how to achieve it, so that you have no regrets.  To do this you need to develop your skills and qualities of being Visionary, Intuitive, Spiritual, Influencer, Oracle and a Networker.  By Awakening the Visionary Within, you will meet your profit potential. By feeling connected to your Vision, Passion and Purpose, you will sour.  Feeling connected to others will enable you to help more people and earn the money you desire.  Are you using a Vision Board? If not, why not? It is essential as it helps your Reticular Activating System in your mind to help you to attract what you desire.  If you are interested more in Vision Boards, go to: http://insightfulminds.co.uk/vision-board-creation-workshop/

Uncover your money beliefs…..

A very simple way to uncover your money beliefs is to take the statements Money is…. and Wealth is…. and write down whatever comes to mind.  You will uncover positive and negative beliefs such as Money/Wealth is energy and love, Money/Wealth is power, Money/Wealth is happiness, Money/Wealth is not plentiful, Money/Wealth is scarce, Money/Wealth is hard to come by, Money/Wealth is Security etc. Some of these are positive and others are very negative.  Money is not happiness or security.  It is your job to understand what you are saying to yourself and to re-programme yourself to be positive instead.

How are you really reacting about money….Free Money Manifestation Workbook

Hold a £1 coin in the palm of your hand. Have a pen and paper near by.

As you sit quietly feeling the energy of the coin in your hand, take three deep breaths, allow your body to relax, clear your mind from any distractions. When you are ready, answer the first question and write down your response.  Note the exact wording of what you are saying in your head.  Make sure you don’t edit your language to make you feel better.  Between each question, clear your mind.  Answer from your heart not your head.

How do I feel about money?

How do I look after money?

What is stopping me from having more money?

How may I have more money?

What else do I need to learn about money?

How to be Attractive to the Universe to attract more money

The key to attracting more money is to take a long hard look at yourself and to work on shifting anything negative that you are thinking or feeling or which is affecting your behaviour.  You want to aim to live in the present, not the past or future.  To be attractive to the Universe, there are particular qualities which you need to have which make you the most attractive to allow yourself to manifest what you are desiring in your life including money.

Attractive Unattractive
Abundance Scarcity
Living in the present Stuck in the past
Joy with life Lack of joy from life
Happy Depressed
Enlightened and empowered Disempowered
Have self belief/faith Lack of self belief/faith
Not anxious (knowing the future) Anxious (fearing the future)
Ease/relaxed Dis-ease/Stressed
Learning life lessons Not learning the lessons – repeating patterns
Feeling loved Feeling unloved
Positive Negative
Non judgemental Being judgemental of self and others
Feeling gratitude deeply Taking people and things for granted
Listening to others Telling others what to do!
Energised Lacking energy/tired
Giving and receiving easily Receiving and not giving
Forgiving self and others Unforgiving – not forgiving self and others
Generous (with time, money and friendship) Mean (with time, money and friendship)
Feeling light and bright Feeling dark and heavy
Honest with self and others Telling lies to self and others
Helping others (selfless) Considering only yourself and not others
Having fun and laughing lots Misery. Isolating yourself and not doing what you want to do.
Feeling connected with self and others Feeling disconnected, isolated and lonely
Unstuck and motivated Stuck and demotivated

Love Yourself and Accept Yourself. You are Good Enough!

By investing in your personal development, by reading self help books, journaling, meditating, etc, you will uncover so much about yourself.  You will uncover negative stuff that you might want to avoid, but by tackling it head on, and removing the negative emotion attached, this will aid you to improve your money mindset.  By playing the Love Game, you need to be a Learner in your life rather than a Blamer.  The people who decide to take the Learner route, will undoubtedly make more money and have a happier and healthier life. Which route are you going to take?  To access the Love Game and other free money mindset resources go to: http://insightfulminds.co.uk/free-resources-for-are-you-worth-it-book/

If you are struggling to feel happy (you may have relationship issues or be separating from your partner, or be feeling anxious or depressed), then get in touch as I can help you.  I help individuals (not just business owners to improve their health issues, happiness issues and money issues in a natural way.) If you are self sabotaging due to fear of failure or success, procrastinating or stuck in any way or need more clarity and direction, then get in touch by emailing me at liz@insightfulminds.co.uk.

My next free money mindset workshop is on 15th November in Leeds, Maidstone, Kent.  Book yourself on if you would like to come along http://insightfulminds.co.uk/moneymindsetworkshop/ or if you would like a copy of my book Are you worth it? A spiritual guide to managing your money mindset (Business or consumer versions available)  I also have a Vision Board Creation Workshop on 22nd November for anyone who needs to be more visionary about money and achieving what they desire in life. http://insightfulminds.co.uk/vision-board-creation-workshop/



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