What has business got to do with your mental health?

What has business got to do with your mental health?

What has business got to do with your mental health?

The answer is an awful lot.  Every business owner has to look after their mental health or else it can bite them on the bum!

When you make the shift from being in an employed position to being self employed, what most business owners don’t realise, is that they suddenly have to start working on their personal development and become self aware about their behaviour, how they are reacting to others that they network with and pay much more attention about what they are thinking about and how they are feeling.  Why is this?… Because when you are employed, you can do a job and be stuck for years, never fulfilling your potential and never chasing your dreams, but when you are self employed, you have no choice but to work on yourself and your mindset or else you will go out of business.  Your mental health will be affected otherwise.

Your business mindset is key for you having focus, clarity and direction in all times.  In fact, MINDSET stands for:

M ental Health

I ntuition

N ourishing your needs

D ecisions (limiting decisions = limiting beliefs)

S  enses

E motions

T houghts

If you don’t look within and start working on getting yourself in flow, you will find that you will resist your success.  You will be able to feel the resistance and procrastination as you don’t do something you know you should do which would help your success.  You may suffer from a fear of failing or fear of success. Self sabotage is normal. We all do it. We think we aren’t good enough, whether that is in public speaking, using the technology we now need to use to be successful in business or stopping ourselves in other ways e.g. fear of flying, fear of motorways, fear of numbers (dyscalcia) or fear of words (dyslexia).

This resistance affects our mental health. Often we can start our businesses as one type of business but as time goes on, and as we connect with our passion and purpose or get inspired by others, a whole different business starts to emerge.  When I started my business, 7 years ago, I thought I was supposed to be an educational consultant using my therapy and teaching skills to help both teachers and learners have a better teaching and learning experience.  In reality, this isn’t what I was supposed to be doing and I found it hard to make it work as it wasn’t my true passion.  I found it difficult to be authentic and to show the real me.  I was confused and unclear about what I was supposed to be offering within my business.  What my services/products should be as well as who my ideal client was, so I found it harder to do my marketing and wasted money on branding and marketing literature.

Confusion can set in and it can be a slippery slope…..

Without clarity of your passion, purpose and direction, your mental health will undoubtedly be affected as you won’t be as happy as you could be.  You need to understand what your soul desires…..When you are confused about what you are meant to be doing, and you see others around you doing so well and you are not (you may not have clients or not be selling anything), your mental health can be affected.  You can feel a failure, be frustrated and impatient.  You may feel you deserve success, but it still eludes you.  If you are then hit by personal issues such as bereavements, a relationship breakdown, divorce, the pressures of being a parent as well as running a business, you can spiral down into mental health issues such as stress, anxiety and depression very quickly.  It is then a much harder road to get back onto an even keel and often your business will not survive, which is why only 1 in 5 businesses actually make it to their 5 year anniversary.  Managing a constant cash flow coming into your business can be tough as there can be hidden expenses and it might take time to create different income streams into your business. Knowing what to offer your clients can be a challenge until you know exactly who to work with, which is why removing the confusion as soon as possible is key!

Managing other’s mental health….

As a business owner, you may well take on staff and by understanding your own mental health issues, you will be more understanding of theirs which will help you spot any issues with stress, anxiety and depression as they occur. Mental health issues caught quickly are easier to sort out and will cost you less. As an employer, you have a responsibility to helping an employee with a mental health need by making reasonable adjustments which includes getting them appropriate support and therapy, so it is key for you to understand your responsibilities before you take on staff.  (I can help you with this if you need help any employee who is stressed, anxious or depressed)

By taking on staff, you will also be increasing your costs, and this can really play on your mind, especially if you find yourself with bigger than expected wage bills. Before you take this step in business, make sure you have the right systems and processes in your business and get support. Having to find money to pay for staff, can add pressure on yourself and affect your mental health.

What can I do to stay happy and well in business?

The key is to understand yourself as well as possible and always do your best.  Be authentic and be honest with everyone around you.  Ask for help if you need it, when you need it, rather than struggling.  Those in business, know exactly how tough it is and often are very keen to help you but need to know you that you need help. Read a self help/personal development book/business book a week, to keep educating yourself.  My book Are you worth it? A spiritual guide to managing your money mindset for business owners will give you a lot of hints and tips about keeping your mind clear, gaining clarity and to help you understand how your mind works, so that you can manage your thoughts. Learn how to meditate and get into flow so that you can plan effectively your business and build in passive income streams, so that you can take time off easily for holidays or if you have a period of sickness.  Always put your happiness first. It’s not selfish.

If you would like a complimentary discovery session with me to see how I can help you with your business, email me on liz@insightfulminds.co.uk.  My ‘Be Happier’ online course is now available and this will help you manage your mental health effectively.  It is suitable for anyone though from being a teenager to more mature adult. http://insightfulminds.co.uk/be-happier-course/  My next Awakening the Visionary Within course starts on 1st February 2018. This is a 9 month group coaching leadership and management programme for business owners seeking clarity, direction and focus by becoming a Visionary. Meditations are embedded within the course.  http://insightfulminds.co.uk/group-coaching-programme/

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