Vision Board Creation Workshop

To ensure you have the life you desire, you need to vision what you desire to achieve it.  Attending a Vision Board Creation Workshop will help you get into touch with your life, your purpose and fulfilling your dreams.

The problem is a lot of people don’t vision to get the life that they desire.  They don’t think about what they would like to achieve in the future and therefore when things are not going well they give up.  By creating a bucket list of what you would like to achieve in your life and your business, you will have a more fulfilling life and something to aim for.  The life you have is what you create, it isn’t created for you.

This workshop will help you see the bigger picture about your life and business (if you have one) and to create a plan of what you would like your life to consist of.  You will be given time to explore more about mindset, mental health, visioning and the experiences you’d like to create, and then you will be fully prepared to create an active vision board which helps you manifest your desires.  There will be a visioning meditation to help you get into flow and you will then have creative time to cut out pictures and phrases to pin onto your board.  Feel free to bring your own pictures with you as you may have specific goals and therefore specific pictures will be needed that may not be in the magazines provided.

Hints and tips about using a vision board can be found here. Ignore the date/venue mentioned in the video.

22nd October 2017 from 10-5pm at The George Inn, Leeds, Maidstone.  £65 including materials and refreshments

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Within my book Are You Worth It, I have written about visioning and why you need a vision board, as there are activities you need to be doing around your vision board to ensure your life gets in flow and so that you manifest the things on your vision board.  It is therefore reccommended that you read Are You Worth It before you attend.  There is a business and general public version.

Items to bring with you

Photos, pictures from magazines, inspirational phrases and feel free to bring your own magazines to share.  If you have a pair of your favourite scissors then bring those too.


Tea and coffee is included in the event, it is planned that we will have an hour for lunch, you may purchase your lunch from The George Inn or bring a packed-lunch.

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